Journists as PR Managers.

It is sad that this the same particularly in Africa. It is not actually the fault of journalists but the lack of understanding and appreciation of those that employ them, the Government in particular. Their perception of a PR person is only being able to make headlines in the Media, if that is to advantage or not is not always considered. Maybe also the true practitioners are too silent. We owe it a responsibility to educate government on the differnce between a journalist and a PR practitioner. With the evolution even in the PR profession to Reputation Management we are not only to talk we should SHOUT!!!. Prince Adeyemi Asewunmi. CAM;MNIPR; rpa.(Lagos Nigeria) 19 Feb 2009

How to get employed in the South African media industry

Finding a job in PR, journalism and advertising. 19 Jul 2008

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another way of doing it

How else do you launch a product without having to cut ribbons and unveil dedication stones? 23 Jan 2007

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Other great PR resources

What are some other resources that you like to use in order to network and learn about the industry? 16 Jan 2007

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Bribing and corrupting the media?

Some PR companies believe that hand-delivering expensive gifts to journalists will buy more copy space than a newsworthy event introduced by an informative press release and useful pictures... Is this a true reflection of the bribability and corruption of the media? 15 Jan 2007

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Poor pay for writers

Why are PR companies getting away with offering pathetic salaries for experienced writers? 7 Jun 2006

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Is there a way to evaluate web coverage?

How do we realistically attach a monetary value to editorial placed on the web? 5 May 2006

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Not a PRISA member

I am a Public Relations Officer in the local government section. I need somebody to explain to me what am I missing by not being a PRISA member. 4 May 2006

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Are smaller PR companies getting the short end of the stick?

The Public Relations industry as a business in South Africa is seriously facing dangerous waters. With the burgeoning of a zillion smaller PR companies, clients have picked up the scent of desperation in the air as consultancies clamour for a piece of the pie, to the extent that the industry as a whole is losing its weighting. 5 Mar 2006

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Smith and Pinkett hide themselves in cupboard

There have been a number of discussions centred on language and its use in the media, but for us whipcrackers even a dying hobbyhorse can do with a bit more flogging. 26 Oct 2005

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PR companies must be more selective in what they send out

Far too often these days PR companies are clogging up inboxes with unwanted, large size pictures. 31 Jul 2005

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The industry image of Government Communicators

Are Government Communicators branded for life as sub-standard and destined to rot in bureaucracy? 28 Jun 2005

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To spell or not spell?

Do we as an industry think it's ok to submit copy rife with shocking spelling to the media and public forums? 24 May 2005

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Bleak future for PR graduates

Black PR graduates find it hard to find jobs because they don't have their own cars. 5 May 2005

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PR in SA - A crisis of credibility?

Does the Public Relations industry in South Africa have a crisis of credibility and why are the industry organizations not at the forefront of ramping up the professionalism of the industry and the critical role of PR as part of any integrated marketing strategy? Should PROs be brand custodians at all? 13 Mar 2005

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PR - Is it a game worth the candle?

I have been in the PR industry for almost 2 years now and the first things I thought about PR at the beginning of my studies was strategies, media thrill, tads of glitz and glamour... 24 Feb 2005

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I would like to hear from MD's, CEO's of PR companies who have interns doing training in their companies, what is the main reason for hiring interns in the first place? 18 Oct 2004

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Pay in SA

I'm planning on moving to SA in Jan of next year. How much can I expect to earn? 31 Aug 2004

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Pay for publicity

Some clients want to pay for publicity only. How would this work? 30 Aug 2004

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''Special Supplements'' - a honey trap that is killing us softly

Gotta kill the supplements parasite before it kills publishing ...and PR 4 May 2004

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On journos going into PR...

I don't think journalists becoming PR practitioners or even media liaison officers are doing justice to the PR industry or the communications fraternity at large. 25 Apr 2004

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Does one need a PR company to get press releases published?

If the product is innovative and exciting enough, surely newspapers and magazines will be easily convinced to write about it? 1 Mar 2004

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The Problem with ''Embedded'' Journalists

"The last time he was a 'committed' Journalist, but now a 'high-flying' Public Relations executive". Are these areas the same? 11 Feb 2004

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Hacking at ABSA's image

There's been much written in the media and marketing press about ABSA's handling of the whole Internet Hacker debacle and the high ground taken by some of the other banks. Did ABSA communicate timeously with their customers and have they really handled the crisis properly? 10 Aug 2003

ABSA's PR efforts amid hacker crisis

How has ABSA's PR performed up to now after a hacker stole more than R500 000 from at least 10 ABSA Internet Banking customers by breaking into and stealing their pin numbers? 20 Jul 2003

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The pros and cons of exhibitions

Everyone has a story to tell… do you think that auditing exhibitions will regulate the fly-by-nights out there that have disappointed clients time and time again? 20 Jul 2003

The Pick ‘n Pay crisis

Crisis Communication is an integral part of any communication professionals’ portfolio - would you have handled the Pick ‘n Pay 'food terrorist' issue any differently if you were in charge? Do you agree with PRISA’s views above? 6 Jul 2003

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Would you join PRISA?

Is PRISA doing enough to market itself amongst the local industry? If you are a member, are you satisfied with PRISA's representation of you and your company, if you are not a member of PRISA, why not? 1 Jun 2003

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Does PRISA deliver on international standards?

Following on the PRISA debate raised in the last issue (Communicate, 5-5-2003), comments came thick and fast! A South African PRO working in the UK, Zipphora Mothoa-Laird, is amazed to learn that PRISA does not enjoy credibility among many communications consultants in SA, when the UK IPR markets itself aggressively within the UK to both employers and employees, bringing a range of benefits to members such as herself. 18 May 2003

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Lobbying in SA

Lobbying is big business in countries like the United States. Is there a strong demand for lobbying and other aspects of government PR in South Africa? This question comes a PR student, who wants to know whether this is a career worth pursuing. 4 May 2003

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