Facebook messaging system, an email killer?

Will we see the death of email with this new messaging system? 17 Nov 2010

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Why is the majority of Africa offline?

Doing business in Africa can be quite the daunting experience when you're trying to make contact with the rest of the continent while seated in your office at the tip of Africa. Phone calls will cost you an arm and a leg. Why are some big companies and organisations across Africa not online, and if they are online, why do they not provide an email address? 27 Mar 2009

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Communications indaba

Computer Literacy growth rate is dependant on the prepaid sector. 10 Jan 2005

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Ogilvey London hijacked?

The viral advertising agency ASABAILEY has placed a well-aimed left hook on the chin of O&M, by scooping up www.ogilvymather.co.uk for £4.95. The question is, is this underhanded, or a cheap attack from the viral team, or are O&M and other Ad Goliaths, fair game for a stunt such as this? 7 Nov 2004

Marketing software ideas

If you were given the opportunity to create a product, without any limitations, that would help you in your marketing efforts, what would you envision? 26 Sep 2003

SMS Advertising

It's an idle Sunday and suddenly your phone beeps at you. You read the message and you're greeted by an advert for some obscure club you have never heard about let alone opted in for their one million ads a week sent to your private cell number! 16 Mar 2003

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DTP? What are the chances .... ?

I want to do a comprehensive DTP course but what are the opportunities or chances of employment once I am qualified and what are prospective employees looking for in a portfolio (specific tips)? 8 Jan 2003

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Delivering Eyeblasters / TangoZebra Rich Media over flash content.

What contingencies do we need to consider when redesigning our site, so we can have flash content and Rich-Media ad technologies serving at the same time? 6 Jan 2003

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How does one stop unwanted and unsolicited mail (spam) in the RSA?

Certain advertising companies tend to send you advertising matter without one's permission. Can I write to them instructing them to stop. What are my rights in this regard? 15 Oct 2002

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