books on design

Where can I find nice usefull books on and about design. 14 Mar 2007

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Design industry meeting place?

Where do graphic/multimedia designers meet, for group discussions about the design industry ? 13 Mar 2007

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Going Rate for Jack-of-all-trades?

I need to negotiate an hourly rate with a previous employer and am not sure where negotiations could start... 6 Mar 2007

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How does one take part in pitches, tenders in the design/advertising industry.

How do I find out what pitches are taking place in the design industry?     27 Feb 2007

Goodbye to Freelancers!

All companies should unite and BAN ALL FREELANCERS!!! 9 Feb 2007

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Woolworths appoints UK(!) design firm to revamp packaging and identity.

How can a company that claims to support SA design ignore credible firms at home and appoint a UK design company (PearlFisher) to revamp its packaging and identity? 25 Jan 2007

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where are the part-time courses for graphic design

I unfortunately have to work for a living but would love to get some credentials behind my 14 yrs experience in GD. Anyone know who offers reputable part-time courses in Jhb? 24 Jan 2007

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Is there an environmentally friendly way to discard printers

Is there a safe way to discard of old printers and used toner cartridges 23 Jan 2007

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is archiCAD easy to learn if you have photoshop skills

Photoshop has few secrets left to me... how does archiCAD compare? 23 Jan 2007

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What makes a senior designer?

I've been around for about 4years, worked for top companies, and now handle alot of brands exclusively at my current job. I am a senior yet??? Im quite young so I don't wana get ahead of myself :) 23 Jan 2007

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How is maths used in the work fields of graphic and web page design

I want to ask professionals in the design work field, how is maths put to use in the profession? 17 Jan 2007

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Positions for senior creatives

Why are these so scarce? 17 Jan 2007

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Why can I not use clip-art in my logo?

My client won't believe me when I tell him that I cannot use "Koerêl Drô" (CorelDraw) clip-art in his logo. Can someone help with facts/pointers/things to tell him that will sound reasonable (since he thinks I'm just being a "prima donna arty person" who is being "difficult")? 8 Dec 2006

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Industry-fixed pricing?

Is there a governing body which regulates pricing in the graphic and 3D design industry or are companies charging as they deem fit? 8 Dec 2006

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Starting a new company... help?

I have been approached to open a new design studio. How would one know when they are getting a good deal? What is a good package? I need some advice please! 28 Nov 2006

Dismal Logo Designs

Inferior logo designs of professional soccer outfits in SA 24 Nov 2006

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SA 2010 logo

I've just seen what is apparently the logo for WC 2010 in South Africa and frankly, I'm disappointed. 15 Jul 2006

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What is it with some agencies that require people that are all rounders?

It is a bit like going to your general practitioner (Doc) to get a spine fusion done or your eyes fixed, that is what the specialists are there for. The design agency should work the same way, because when you employ general people you get general work but if you employ a specialist you get exceptional work. 29 Sep 2005

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Potential design candidates appalling

I have been tasked to find a replacement for my position of Medium level Graphic Designer, and can't believe the poor quality of candidates out there. 26 Sep 2005

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Cadbury vs. Beacon chocolate packaging design

I am sure that most people are aware of the 'newish' foil packaging of Cabury and Beacon chocolate slabs. 8 Aug 2005

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Graphic Design vs DTP

What is the difference between Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing? 21 Jul 2005

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Durban designers: Least preferred?

Somebody please enlighten me as to what makes designers from anywhere else in SA better than those from Durbs? 5 Jul 2005

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Industrial Design (3d drawing)

Is Durban Institute of Technology so bad that they can't even incorporate Industrial Design as a degree? If we want to study this we have to go to Wits or Cape Technicon which is unfair. 14 Feb 2005

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The farce of creative pay

Nothing grates me more than that those responsible for the quality of creative work (writers and designers) are paid peanuts while others, like sales, feed off the quality that is provided. For some reason, someone decided that "creative talent" should not not be rewarded accordingly. It is a professional service, yet is not paid professional salaries. Where do the profits go? Not to creative - who actually "makes" the product. It's disgusting. 24 Jan 2005

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Artist As Brand

Exploiting the image of an artist, and the notion of fine art, to create a brand. It is troubling to me that the image of the artist has trancended the work itself. 21 Nov 2004

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Macromedia Flash MX 2004 for Mac OSX

Does anybody run this version of Flash on the Mac? 20 Aug 2004

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Design schools in Durban

Are there any design schools in Durban that offer short courses covering Quark, Freehand, Photoshop and any other industry software? 21 Jun 2004

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Layout and graphic design

Are we not all artists in our own way? 17 May 2004

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Employment for graduates

99% of all adverts for positions in the design industry ask for experience but what about graduates who want a chance? 14 May 2004

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New Election Signage Design

Do we really need to look at the bad political print campaigns out on our streets? 22 Mar 2004

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