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Amanda Alves, head of digital at Publicis Machine. Image supplied.
African recruitment startups evolve to tackle unemployment
#AfricaMonth: The digital life expectancy of Africa's youth
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Image supplied.
Boris Dzhingarov
Bringing recruitment to NGOs in Africa
[TrendTalk] Will this be your future job title?
Unsuccessful business venture abroad? Chances are, you didn't do your homework
Wanted... the All-African CEO
People first: the role of employer brands in driving growth
[TrendTalk] The future of work
Innovation, entrepreneurship vital for economic growth
Do your employees understand professional social media?
What does a good boss look like?
[2014 trends] Marketing for advertising
[2014 trends] Significant trends in employee engagement
Ready to exchange the boardroom for the studio?
Homecoming Revolution appoints Bruce Mubayiwa as managing partner
New era in HR management through social media
Talent is a myth
Francois van Dyk
How to build a great social media team
Multitasking - the myth
Julie Cheung
The employee's guide to complaining
Matthew Gray
Dylan Balkind
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