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Bringing recruitment to NGOs in Africa

NGO Recruit Africa is a leading recruitment firm in the non-profit and development sector in Africa. Working with a wide range of clients (INGOs, NGOs, NPOs, think tanks and educational institutions), the agency aims to recruit across various sectors including education; children and youth; poverty alleviation; gender; health; and environmental conservation, to name a few.
Bringing recruitment to NGOs in Africa

The company is passionate about the development sector and has extensive knowledge about how it all works. Owner and director, Dela Atubra, worked in this sector for a number of years before launching NGO Recruit Africa. Although she's an attorney by training, she has always been a philanthropist at heart and is passionate about global development.

I caught up with Atubra to find out more about NGO Recruit Africa, the development sector, and where the company is heading.

Bizcommunity How did the agency get started?

Atubra: The agency started because I identified a need for a recruitment agency exclusively focused on attracting top talent to the non-profit sector in Africa. Unlike in Europe and in America, where strong networks of specialist non-profit recruitment agencies operate, I found a serious gap after relocating back to South Africa five years ago. After conducting feasibility studies, we found only about three such agencies that extend their services to and across Africa. It was a clear indication that NGO Recruit Africa had a role to play. Our focus is to work very closely with our international and local clients to identify their needs and ensure that we source for them the best talent there is out there.

Bizcommunity What challenges face the development sector in Africa?

Atubra: There's a strong focus on ensuring good value for money and an increasing demand for concrete, measurable results from funders. This is, however, not exceptionally applicable in Africa, it's a global challenge. From a recruitment point of view, it translates to a heightened need for us to source for our clients qualified, competent candidates who can meet these growing demands.

Bizcommunity Talk us through how NGO Recruit stands out from other recruitment sites?

Atubra: What sets us apart at NGO Recruit Africa is firstly our passion for the sector, coupled with our knowledge and understanding of the non-profit and development landscape. I myself worked in the development sector for a number of years. As a result, I have insider knowledge on how things work in the sector, and more importantly the calibre type personnel required to translate high-level goals into implementation and action. I have found that clients really appreciate this background knowledge. We work swiftly to source and place candidates for clients without compromising on the quality of services

Bizcommunity What has response to the agency been like so far?

Atubra: The response has been overwhelming. We have grown rapidly and now consult with many major international and local organisations effecting incredible, innovative programmes across Africa and beyond.

Bizcommunity What trends do you predict for the recruitment sector in Africa?

Atubra: There's a noticeable shift in approach to recruitment. Clients are looking for candidates who truly and genuinely have a heart for marginalised, underprivileged communities and want to give back. There's a demand for professionals who are entrepreneurial, articulate and results-driven, who coupled with their qualifications can think ahead, be innovative and implement programmes in the most effective, efficient ways possible - thereby optimising impact. Experts in programme management; operations; monitoring and evaluation; fundraising and development; finance; and communications will be in demand.

Bizcommunity Explain your plans for the future of NGO Recruit...

Atubra: NGO Recruit Africa is driven by passion. We want to continue working with clients who are committed to alleviating poverty, promoting quality education, addressing climate change issues, and those executing programmes that address health, gender, equality in Africa and around the world. Our role is to ensure that client organisations are well-staffed with dedicated, qualified and driven professionals. We want to continue to provide excellent recruitment services in the sector.

For more on the NGO Recruit Africa, visit and connect with them on Twitter @NGOrecruit.

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