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Rachel Irvine shares the highs and lows as Irvine Partners celebrates its 10th birthday
From East to West: What the new Covid-19 consumer behaviour across Kenya and Nigeria means for brands on the continent
Adebola Williams, the CEO of StateCraft in Nigeria. Image supplied.
New monetisation models for media are needed
Image source: Gallo/Getty Images.
Image source: Gallo/Getty Images.
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While print may be dying, traditional journalism is certainly adapting
The PR industry is the most fortunate in today's world
Instagram, the new marketing hub for business growth
Content is king but is it relevant to your audience?
Regine le Roux, managing director of Reputation Matters.
When brands get social media engagement right
Key steps to creating a crisis communications plan
Image source: Gallo/Getty.
Four digital transformation communication strategies
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