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#BehindtheIMC: Doug Place, CMO for Nando's Africa, Middle East, and South Asia

Leading up to this year's Nedbank IMC Conference, Bizcommunity, as a media partner, presents exclusive profiles of the professionals set to speak at the event on 15 September.

This week, Nando's chief marketing officer Doug Place tells us about what excites him most about the marketing industry. Place is also the 2023 chairperson for the Marketing Association of South Africa.

Doug Place is Nando's chief marketing officer. Source: Supplied.
Doug Place is Nando's chief marketing officer. Source: Supplied.

What excited you about the upcoming Nedbank IMC and being a speaker at the event?

There isn’t a better public platform at this size and scale for marketers in South Africa. What a privilege to be a part of it.

What excites you the most about your industry?

We have a unique invitation to do a lot of good to rebuild the South African economy. Our challenges are significant and in many instances systemic. So we have to be both creative and pragmatic in building valuable products and services for distressed consumers. Very few other professions have this remit.

What upcoming trend is important for the industry and why?

I truly get jaded by trends. I think the most important thing for marketers is to thoroughly understand the fundamentals of the profession and not get distracted by the latest social, cultural, or technological trends.

Understanding the context for trends is way more important than the expression of that trend. I’m way more interested in WHY we have AI, WHY cancel culture exists, WHY TV as an advertising medium is as resilient as ever, WHY more and more young people are disaffected by government and institutions.

How would you describe yourself in one word?


What gives you the most satisfaction in your job?

Working with brilliant people who are as smart as they are brave and kind.

What are the most important lessons you have learned in your career?

A quote, I think from Mike Abel: “The people with the best people win” is an idea I often revisit. Don’t compromise hiring the best talent, the best agency partners. It may cost more, but the returns are worth it. Nobody has ever thanked me for saving money in delivering an average project.

What advice do you have for a young person looking to enter the industry?

Read outside of the discipline. The best marketers are those who can connect the dots; between departments (e.g. finance and marketing), between cultures, between economic realities. To do this, don’t specialise too soon in your career. Read long form content (books) and avoid the addiction to short term ‘hacks’.

More about the Nedbank IMC

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The annual Nedbank IMC Conference is Africa’s foremost integrated marketing conference.This conference has more CMOs, senior marketers and agency leaders attending than any other in Africa and is relevant to anyone in the business of communication.

Now in proud partnership with The Effie Awards South Africa – the world’s preeminent marketing effectiveness award – the Nedbank IMC is presented in association with MASA, in collaboration with the ACA, in partnership with the DMASA and is endorsed by the IAB. The 2023 theme is Marketing UpClose&Personal and is relevant to anyone in the business of communication.

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