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Choc manufacturer ups its advertising tempo

After an absence of 15 years, Cadbury's Tempo is back on television screens across South Africa with a new advertising campaign.
Choc manufacturer ups its advertising tempo

“South Africans love the unique combination of tastes and textures that Tempo offers – that great double chocolate hit with biscuit and creamy caramel – but the brand needed to be refreshed,” says the company's head of chocolate marketing, Mike Middleton.

The new “Power your Beat” campaign is aimed at bringing the brand right back up to date for its primarily young male target market.

The commercial follows Chad, a cool urbanite, on his journey through the city. As he enjoys his Tempo, the people and noise of the streets gradually fall into the rhythm of his beat and he ends up spinning city like a record.

TV advertising is, however, only one part of the mix. The product recipe has also been improved and exciting new packaging developed. The brand has also collaborated with 5FM's Music Power Half Hour – a popular slot in the afternoon show – to encourage real South Africans to power their beat.

This sponsorship is supported by a strong online presence at, where visitors are invited to “Get Their Beats” by answering a selection of short questions. The resulting playlist, personalized according to the answers that are submitted, can be downloaded to PC or mobile phone, sent via email to a friend or direct to the Music Power Half Hour.

In addition, the brand has been given a physical presence in its target market through on-campus activations across the country and free distribution of tens of thousands of sample bars.

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