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New Ghana SME business radio programme

ACCRA, GHANA: Do you want to start or grow your business? Are you thinking of opening a business account and wondering which bank or account to choose?
New Ghana SME business radio programmeAre you looking for the best internet provider? Do you need competent staff? Do you need access to finance? Do you need a new vehicle for the business and thinking which car and which dealer to contact? Do you need office cleaners or an accountant? Do you need a business coach or some training?

Is your head hurting? Well don't worry! We will help you get the answers and practical solutions without the headache or long talk!

The OML AFRICA team is delighted to let all its subscribers and faithful followers know that, we have a new radio programme dubbed "Business Sense" coming soon to your airwaves.

The program is purely business related addressing key issues affecting SME business owners in Ghana, workplace issues, business start-ups challenges with practical solutions being offered by business experts, service providers, listeners through an interactive platform using the airtime, phone- ins and social media. The main aim of the programme is to empower Ghana SMEs with business acumen, information, and advice on a range of business issues, services and products for SMEs in Ghana.

We will have guest speakers and thought leaders bracing us with their presence to add value to our SME community.

The programme duration is 1 hour and is broken down as follows:

• Meet the CEO an interview with an upcoming or established CEO to discuss key business issues
• Spotlight - here companies get to tell listeners about their latest products and services.
• Workplace - this segment addresses some of the fundamental issues in people management/workplace issues.
• Business Scene - this segment updates the listener on what is happening in the business world/market.
• Business Talk - discussing the issues affecting SMEs and offering practical solutions to listeners.

We want to interview real people to share real useful knowledge, inspire, guide and offer solutions that our listeners can apply. If you are a CEO and you want to be invited to participate in our meet the CEO segment then contact us.

• If you are an SME and you would like to come on the show to tell us about your product or service in our spotlight segment contact us;
• If you are a business expert and you would like to be invited as a panel for business talk also contact us;
• If you are a labour expert, into Human resource/business management and you would like to participate in our workplace segment also contact us;
• Finally, for more information and details on how you can become a sponsor and or advertise on the programme contact us.

To contact us call us on 0302973379 or email moc.acirfalmo@derfniw

Watch out for more information on the launch date for the programme, the lucky radio station and more.

Affordable advertising rates for SMEs!

We have listened to our SME members and we are making sure that this programme in as far as possible is for the real Ghana SME; as a result we are offering reduced rates to allow even the smallest SME to get some affordable airtime to promote their products and services.

To find out about our great advertising opportunities contact Winfred Lartey at moc.acirfalmo@derfniw or call him on the following numbers 0302973379 / 0572101953.

Advertising opportunities include:

• Jingle play
• Interview/spotlight -showcase your product/service
• Live presenter mention during the programme
• Online logo button on the website
• Text link on the website

Call us to take advantage of us!

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