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TV Loves Africa to launch in 2012

Organisers of DISCOP Africa, Basic Lead, have announced the launch of an umbrella event, TV Loves Africa, which will feature markets and conference programmes dedicated to the making, the distribution and the monetizing of content across all platforms in Africa, including radio and will take place at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 30 October to 2 November 2012.
Tailored to support the continent's audiovisual industry, part of the program will focus on news and television formats funding, production and distribution throughout Africa.

The lineup of events has been designed to also appeal to advertisers, marketers and merchandisers interested in leveraging television content to promote brands and products.

Sports content made in Africa will take center stage during the four day gathering as Africa's major sports leagues, federations and confederations will be in attendance, to explore partnerships with national, regional and international broadcasters, specialized content producers and distributors, international sponsors and branding experts, as well as arenas and stadiums.

The TV Loves Africa program will consist of:

  • DISCOP Africa: The renowned television content market
  • African Sports Rights Market: A networking and conference program centered on the branding, production, distribution and licensing of sports content
  • Signature: A market focusing on the merchandising, licensing and leveraging of popular television and other global brands
  • Top News Africa: A networking and conference program dedicated to the production, programming and distribution of video news
  • Eyeballs: A networking and conference program focusing on ways to better engage audiences in a multi-platform environment
  • Africa Pitches the World: A pitching and co-production forum showcasing scripted formats in need of funding
  • Voice of Africa: A networking and conference program dedicated to the production, programming and distribution of radio content

"For the last five years, we have been observing on a daily basis the phenomenal growth of television in Africa. Co-locating seven singular, and yet complementary events dedicated to making and monetizing the best possible content in Africa's multi-platform environment is a timely and cost-effective response for all parties to be involved", comments Patrick Jucaud, general manager of Basic Lead.

200 international exhibiting companies, 70 expert speakers and 2 000 qualified visitors from all over Africa are expected to attend, representing a wide spectrum of key industry-demographics involved in the development, funding, production, programming, branding, marketing and licensing of content across all distribution platforms.

"We will offer a low-cost, all inclusive visitors badge that will include access to all TV Loves Africa events and social functions. Visitors' privileges will also include advanced and onsite meetings-organisation services between participants, as the true measure of the success of our event will be the number of deals generated during TV Loves Africa" adds Serge-Armand Noukoue, TV Loves Africa's operational manager.



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