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CNBC reveals secrets to success in revamped series

The newly revamped "Entrepreneurial Edge" series on CNBC Africa, the 24/7 business news channel in Africa, will feature success stories of some of the great entrepreneurs and new young leaders in South Africa. The show will be hosted by journalist Chris Bishop.
CNBC reveals secrets to success in revamped seriesFirst National Bank (FNB) has partnered with CNBC Africa to bring viewers a weekly show that is filled with insight - taking viewers inside the minds of people who have made their own way and their own money in the tough, competitive world of business. FNB understands the needs of the entrepreneur, whether you are starting of a new business or looking to grow it.

"FNB is a leading provider of financial services support to numerous entrepreneurs, right from small businesses to franchise operations. We are also a business built on a culture of entrepreneurial spirit which drove our commitment and decision to sponsor the series", says Bernice Samuels, FNB chief marketing officer.

"Many successful and internationally competitive businesses have been built by entrepreneurs across Africa. We believe that our sponsorship of the show will provide for an additional platform, in which entrepreneurs can engage in open dialogue and share pertinent matters relating to the topic of entrepreneurship," adds Samuels.

Godfrey Mutizwa, CNBC Africa's chief editor, says the content will be educational and inspirational to other people in business. "Educating people across Sub Sahara Africa on the business lessons learnt by some of the people who built companies from the ground up, is part of our contribution to spreading knowledge about getting ahead in business", says Mutizwa.

"Entrepreneurial Edge" broadcasts on CNBC Africa every Thursday at 6:30PM CAT with repeats on the weekend. View previous shows online.

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