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New Barbie offers articulation

Barbie Fashionista, a new release, offers a doll with 12 articulation points that allows her to strike a pose and show off her stylish attitudes. She can bend her elbows, twist her wrists, bend at the waist and roll her head. A full range is available at selected retailers and toy stockists.

Celebrating the new moves, the distributors have introduced a new dance, 'Do the Barbie', with a download available on the website. Fans can even take a fashion quiz to see which fashionista they are - Wild, Artsy, Sassy, Glam, Cutie or Girly.

Collaboration between Edgars and Just Fun Toys in October 2010 will offer a range of t-shirts and related value added items, giving young girls the opportunity to express their fashionista sense to the world and strike a pose, just like the doll.

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