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Casual Day improves the lives of people with disabilities

Casual Day, which will be celebrated on Friday, 5 September, provides South Africans with the opportunity to show their solidarity with persons with disabilities, at the same time enjoying team building and camaraderie with their fellow participants.
Alma School learner Reece Manning and Miss SA Rolene Strauss
Alma School learner Reece Manning and Miss SA Rolene Strauss

It also gives them the opportunity to be creative and have fun while contributing to the betterment of society. It is community spirit in action.

Casual Day celebrates its 20th birthday this year. The theme for 2014 is 'Bring out the Bling' and the colour for the year is dazzle blue.

Special occasion

"The theme is appropriately celebratory," says project leader Celeste Vinassa. "We have been dressing casually for the past two decades, but this year is a special occasion. So our message to you is to rustle up a little razzle dazzle, and dress up in the official colour of the year, dazzle blue. Casual Day is all about fantasy and dressing up in things you can find around the house. Be creative with glitter, fabric, shiny paper or just wear your sticker and a posh casual attitude."

For the price of less than a loaf of bread or the small change in your pocket, you can make a huge difference. By donating your R10 for a sticker, you are making your contribution to improving the lives of persons with disabilities.

Casual Day is South Africa's most successful fund raising project for persons with disabilities - the amount raised for last year has climbed to R24.8m. Sponsored by The Edcon Group, Casual Day is the flagship project of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa, which this year celebrates 75 years of service to the community of persons with disabilities.

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