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Mobile marketing leads the way...

When most people see 'mobile' in front of the word marketing they're confused, fearful and ambivalent towards the industry. They immediately think 'SMS', 'spam' and 'inconvenience'.

Many ask, "Why would I want spam on my phone? Isn't SMS marketing for kids? What value does mobile marketing offer me?".

Even those that are familiar with the industry have ROI (return on investment) concerns and preconceived notions that mobile marketing is complicated and expensive.

What is mobile marketing?

Lets dispel that myth shall we? Mobile marketing is in fact not expensive, it is not only for kids and, if done correctly, mobile is much more than just spam or advertising. In fact, ad space is abundant and very well priced.

Mobile marketing is a set of practices that enables organisations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.

Traditional forms, such as television, radio and print are still predominantly used, but they are now being forced to acknowledge the non-traditional newcomer 'mobile'.

The numbers of mobile users are rapidly overtaking that of the standard computer users because of cell phone availability. Mobile media is an effective vessel for advertising companies and brands, selling products and services and particularly the generation of leads within many industries.

How do we utilize mobile marketing to generate useful leads?

An audiences' major concern with regards to mobile marketing and generating leads is 'spam' and complication. What most don't understand is that the mobile marketing industry is governed to prohibit unwarranted solicitation. Without prior permission you cannot engage with the consumer.

Mobile marketing specialists, such as YDigital Media, cater to brands and agencies looking for very specific results. Their expertise ranges from campaign strategy through to optimisation and performance.

This allows marketers and advertisers to maximise from YDigital's mobile media experience by generating quality leads for the automotive and insurance industries alike.

Let's debunk this process:

  • A user searching for an insurance company clicks on a mobile banner ad
  • They get redirected to a landing page on their mobile phone
  • The user fills out an online form in order to get a quote
  • Their information gets pushed via email to the relevant insurance company call centre immediately once the data is filled out
  • An outbound call centre agent form the company contacts the user to verify their details and to close the sale

Presto! The insurance company just received an extremely hot lead from a customer that is already pursuing their services. Convenient, fast and effective!

About Yusuf Begg

Yusuf Begg is currently working as part of the MMA SA team (Mobile Advertising Association of South Africa) to establish mobile as an indispensable part of the marketing mix and to promote, educate, measure, guide and protect the mobile marketing industry worldwide. Contact Yusuf on moc.liamg@3891ggeby and follow @D1g1boyB on Twitter.

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