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Maize production holds great potential for the African continent

According to Euromonitor International's new report, Maize Meal: A Look at the Ultimate Staple in Sub-Saharan Africa, maize meal is a staple food for about 50% of the population in the region with South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Egypt representing the largest producers, accounting for 40% of the continent's production and 0.3% of global maize production in 2017.
Maize production holds great potential for the African continent
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Globally 95% of maize is produced for animal feed, whilst in sub-Saharan Africa, the core focus of maize production is for human consumption. "There is a growing focus on raising the nutrition profile in Africa as an investment opportunity and boosting nutrition overall, through fortification of traditionally consumed staples," comments Shereen Tromp, a consultant at Euromonitor International.

Additional key findings from the report also include the lack of agricultural inputs and resources constrains maize production, maize remaining a staple for all regardless of social class and the importance of government support for long term growth.

Bolutife Onaneye, an associate consultant at Euromonitor International adds. “Maize is a key source of food security for humans, animals, and industrial efficiency. This potential will only be realised if tailored sustainable solutions are implemented across the value chain to improve utilisable yield, stabilise the production and improve the quality of varieties produced."

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