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#AfricaMonth: How can brands fuel growth in Africa?

Successful brands must have a strong local resonance and activation if they are to emotionally connect with consumers in Africa and fuel growth in the fast-changing region, reports Kantar TNS. The latest Kantar Africa Life 2019 report is due to be released end of May.
Kantar Africa Life 2019 report.

It’s time for Africa

Africa is home to 1.2 billion people. Its population will double in less than three decades, representing one fourth of humanity. Urbanisation levels will by then stand at 60% and will be the highest urbanisation rate globally, according to a preview of the Kantar Africa Life 2019 report.

The current dynamics and impressive economic and social progress made by most African countries predicts a materialisation of the demographic dividend over the next 10 years. This is a massive opportunity for the continent, its population and the economic players that operate in Africa.

2020-2030 will continue to be a decade of profound positive transformations. A more powerful iteration of the ‘It’s time for Africa’ narrative is highly anticipated, Kantar reports.

Connected consumers

Connected consumers will have more choices and will in turn be more demanding. Consumers in Africa will expect products and messages that are more tailored to who they are, what they care for and the environment they live in. They will be ready to pay more for products which they can culturally identify with – in the broader sense of the term. They will value customised experience more than ever.

According to Kantar, the opportunity is massive for brands that understand the consumers (culture) codes, and which can inject such understanding into their products, brand messaging and overall experience offered.

Culture will be an essential marketing currency in Africa, more than anywhere else; and influence marketing will need to be at the centre of brand activations.

Research study

Kantar embarked on the latest major research study for Africa Life 2019 in March 2019 in six major sub-Saharan countries – Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Senegal - expanding it from three in 2017 for a broader and stronger representation of the sub-Saharan region. Mixed methodologies were used to surface the key trends that are shaping Africa today.

The following industries are trending:
  1. Banking and finance,
  2. Media and entertainment.
  3. Food.
  4. Telecommunications.

In Africa Life 2017, Kantar TNS uncovered a large set of growth-enabling dynamics, including:
  • Modern Retail
  • In the Pursuit of Health
  • Simplicity
  • Super Food
  • Ambition
  • Africa love
  • Authenticity
  • Digital Oxygen
  • Entrepreneurial Ambition
  • Share is the New Care

In the latest round of research, Kantar conducted 5000 interviews across Africa in a robust quantitative approach across the six key markets – a minimum of 800 interviews per market and 1200 in Nigeria; an exclusive qualitative module via creative one-on-one sessions with key influencers and bloggers in each market; and a digital module of visual data analysis via Recognology, which captures and makes sense of the most spontaneous expression of trends from consumers.

To book your Africa Life 2019 executive session with Kantar TNS, email: .
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