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DW journalists investigate bias against Africa visa applications

Data analysis by Deutsche Welle has shown that visa prospects are worse for Africans in comparison to the rest of the world.
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DW journalists have evaluated the granting of visas at German embassies between 2014 and 2017. They have looked at national visas, i.e. applications for long-term visas for study, work or family reunification. So-called Schengen visas for short visits were not included. 

It is difficult for Africans in their home countries to apply for visas for Germany. A data analysis by Deutsche Welle shows that one in five applications is rejected, far more than at German embassies on other continents. 

Some results: The number of decided visa applications at all German embassies and consulates worldwide increased by 58% between 2014 and 2017, the number of refusals by 131. 

During this period, only a good 10% of the decided applications came from Africa. Far more came from Asia (60%) and European countries that do not belong to the EU (23%).

African history series from Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle's history project "African Roots" addresses young Africans and uses animation in an attempt to reveal more about the continent's history...

9 Jan 2018

Africa is clearly ahead in the rejections: 22% of all applications were rejected, almost one in five. 

From Europe only one in eight was rejected, from Asia one in 10. This means that an application from Africa is rejected twice as often as an application from Asia. 

DW will publish and broadcast the results of this data analysis in German, English, Portuguese, French, Amharic and Haussa. 

*More figures, diagrams and background information can be found here: .
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