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The African Affluent: Hyper connected

Africa, one of the fastest growing regions on earth. The 3.4 million highest earners in the continent's leading economies are very much like their counterparts in other parts of the globe: they are well educated, earn relatively high incomes, have embraced digital media and are important consumers of luxury and high end goods.
The African Affluent: Hyper connected
The Affluent in Africa are also international in outlook. More than nine out of ten of Africa's highest earners claim to have a good understanding of English. One third of them read international newspapers or magazines and 90% watch international television channels on a monthly basis.

They are also, in common with high earners everywhere, leading digital adopters in their countries. Almost all own a smartphone, while more than half own all three of the main digital devices: a computer, a smartphone and a tablet.

The African Affluent: Hyper connected
These are just some of the findings from the EMS Africa 2014 survey, released by Ipsos yesterday, 29 July 2014. This is the third study in a series that was first launched back in 2010. EMS Africa is part of the global Affluent Survey, a suite of studies covering the media and consumption behaviour of top earners in 51 countries. Amongst other highlights of the study:
  • African Affluents will pay a premium for quality - 88% claim they are happy to do this
  • Branding is important - almost 90% say they prefer to buy well-known brands
  • They crave luxury - more than a third have bought luxury products of one kind or another in the past year
  • Most see themselves as global citizens (86%), and one out of five can be defined as an 'Influential Opinion Leader' based on their business activities in the past year.

The African Affluent: Hyper connected

Nathalie Sodeike, Managing Director of Ipsos MediaCT in the Netherlands says: "It is clear that Africa is emerging, with increased investment, growing consumer spending and rapid urbanisation. The number of people who can afford to buy luxuries and to travel the world will grow fast here. It is important to understand how media fits into their lives".

The African Affluent: Hyper connected
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60% of Affluents in Africa are 3 screen users

Being Affluent means being the first in line with whatever is new. Six out of ten say they are always one of the first to have technologically innovative products.

Digital penetration numbers are high amongst this group in Africa. The latest EMS Africa study shows digital in detail, with the introduction of daily, weekly and monthly reach data for sites and apps, via computers, tablets and smartphones.

Heavy internet users

The African Affluent: Hyper connected
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African Affluents are heavy media consumers. They spent nearly five hours a day on media, which is about the same for their counterparts in the Middle East (a little over five hours), but higher than usage in Europe (over four hours).

International media are popular

  • 9 out of 10 watch international TV channels (monthly);
  • Over a third (33%) read international newspapers or magazines;
  • Nearly half (47%) rely on digital updates to news, business information and entertainment from international media brands.
Also social media and networking sites are popular among the Affluent in Africa. Only 6% haven't visited a social media/networking site in past 30 days. 75% use their social network to help them in their business lives.

About EMS affluent survey

Ipsos interviewed 2,517 Affluent Africans across seven countries (Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda), each of whom was screened to ensure they passed certain minimum personal income thresholds established as representing the top 15% population.

The African Affluent: Hyper connected

EMS Africa is part of a worldwide series of Affluent Surveys covering more than fifty countries in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, USA, Latin America and Asia Pacific. January 1st 2015 the EMS surveys will be rebranded to Ipsos Affluent Surveys.

Media definitions

  • Print

    • International daily newspapers: Al Hayat, Asharq Al-Awsat, Financial Times, International New York Times, Le Monde, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.
    • International weeklies/ fortnightlies/triweeklies: Bloomberg Businessweek, The Economist, Jeune Afrique, Newsweek in Arabic, TIME, Forbes Magazine, Fortune.
    • International news/business print (incl. monthlies): All international daily newspapers and all international weeklies/ fortnightlies/triweeklies and the monthly magazines The Africa Report, African Business, Afrique Magazine (AM), Bloomberg Markets, Forbes Africa, Forbes Middle East in Arabic, Harvard Business Review, Le Magazine de l'Afrique, New African, NewsAfrica.
    • International monthlies: The Africa Report, African Business, Afrique Magazine (AM), Bloomberg Markets, Forbes Africa, Forbes Middle East in Arabic, Harvard Business Review, Le Magazine de l'Afrique, New African, NewsAfrica, National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Magazine (in Arabic).
    • All inflights: Includes all inflights measured.
    • All International Print: International news/business print and International monthlies and all inflights.
  • TV

    • News/Business International TV: Al Arabiya, Alhurra, Aljazeera English, Aljazeera in Arabic, Aljazeera Mubasher, BBC Arabic, BBC World News, Bloomberg TV, CNBC (English), CNBC Africa, CNBC Arabiya, CNN, euronews, France 24, Future News, NHK WORLD TV, OSN News, RT Russia Today, Rusiya Al-Yaum, in Arabic and Sky News.
    • General International TV: Aljazeera Documentary Channel, Arirang, beIN SPORTS (fka Aljazeera Sports), FOX, Discovery Channel, Dubai One, DW-TV (Deutsche Welle), E! Entertainment, Eurosport, fatafeat, History, Infinity TV, LBC International, MBC 1, MBC 2, MBC 4, MBC Action, MTV, MTV Arabia, National Geographic Abu Dhabi, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Travel Channel, TLC, Travel Channel, TV5Monde.
    • All International TV: All listed channels (News/Business International TV and General International TV)
  • Web

    • All International web: Combination of all websites/apps in questionnaire.
    • Aljazeera (all): Aljazeera English, Aljazeera, in Arabic
    • BBC (all): BBC (international), BBC Arabic, BBC Afrique (in French)
    • CNBC (all): CNBC, CNBC Arabia
    • CNN English, incl. Fortune & CNN Money: CNN (English), CNN Money incl. Fortune
    • CNN (all): CNN (English), CNN Arabic, CNN Money incl. Fortune
    • euronews (all): euronews (English), euronews in Arabic, Euronews in French
    • Forbes (all): Forbes and Forbes Middle East, in Arabic.
    • National Geographic Channel, incl. Abu Dhabi: National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Abu Dhabi
    • Arabian Business (all): Arabian Business (in Arabic), Arabian Business
    • Al Arabiya (all): Al Arabiya (in Arabic), Al Arabiya
    • RT Russia Today/Rusiya Al-Yaum: RT Russia Today, Rusiya Al-Yaum
Source: Ipsos MediaCT
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