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Channelling the mobile to brand content

With nine years of research behind the launch of Enhanced Mobile Communications Network (EMC Network), Qkey, the company believes it will put the power of mobile behind every element of a through-the-line communications campaign and in doing so unleash the full power of mobile.
Channelling the mobile to brand content

Qkey is like a TV or radio channel but for a mobile phone. It is designed so that brands can tag their advertising messages with a Q-number that will allow consumers to find out more by simply ‘Turning On and Tuning In' to any brand's own enhanced mobile channel. It is the power of mobile behind each advertising and communication message.

With brands such as Ster-Kinekor, FIFA Legacy, Absa, Soweto TV, One Gospel, 1Dynamic Life, DJ Sbu, 5fm, and many more already onboard the system, the consumer will now have an opportunity to interact with brands that interest them, anytime, anywhere.

“As a mobile communications channel, [we believe] it has the power to elevate and integrate each element of an existing communications campaign. Brands can now embrace the full power of mobile into their campaigns and measure value and effectiveness in real time,” says John Warsop, executive director of Qkey.

Three digits - easy to remember

With a network of 999 mobile communications channels designed to support and integrate primary advertising and communications initiatives, brands can rent a Q-number or channel eg Q539 allowing any existing communications material to become Q-enabled - be it television, radio, print, cinema, product packaging or point of sale.

“To use it, you need to turn it on,” says Warsop. To turn it on you need to dial the 087 941 7539/ QKEY. The system will then ask you for the Q-number. You punch in the Q-number you are interested in on the keypad of your mobile phone and you will be connected to the brand. The numbers have been limited to a maximum of three digits so they are easy to remember”.

Once the number is entered onto the system, consumers can engage with the chosen brand. What they get when they connect to the channel is up to the brand that rents it but it could include more detailed information about a product or service. Perhaps a competition to enter or an opportunity to buy at a discount, video clips or music tracks, maps on where to go, coupons to save money, tickets to concerts, loyalty points to collect and redeem….the opportunities are endless.

Brands need to be creative with the content they choose to host on their channel in order to get maximum engagement with their customers. The only cost to consumers is the price of a phone call and any content delivery costs can be offset by the brand, paid for by the consumer or shared between the consumer and the brand.

For more information and to try out Qkey go to or ‘Turn On' by dialling +27 (0) 87 941 7539 and ‘Tune In' by entering Q-number 539.

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