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  • 'Sacred forests' in West Africa capture carbon and keep soil healthy
    In parts of West Africa, patches of forest have been preserved for long periods of time because of their cultural or religious significance. These "sacred forests" are believed to be inhabited and protected by gods, totem animals or ancestors. Local communities have their own rules prohibiting reckless harvesting of timber and game, which have protected the sacred forests over many generations. By Michele Francis
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    Willem Snyman appointed editor-in-chief for One Africa

    Willem Snyman has been confirmed as One Africa's editor-in-chief. He previously acted as editor-in-chief after the departure of Rene Lotter. His excellent management of the news on One in the acting position, as well as his previous investigative, managerial, anchoring and production abilities on morning television and actuality shows were his recommendation.

    Willem joined One Africa as a program developer in September 2006, and was instrumental in the launch of the News on One, under former editor-in-chief, Rene Lotter. His appointment was weighed against a number of very strong candidates.


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