Zingisa Mkhuma appointed Pretoria News acting editor

Zingisa Mkhuma, The Star’s executive editor, has been appointed Pretoria News acting editor, taking over from Alide Dasnois who is moving on to become deputy editor of The Cape Times. Mkhuma is a seasoned journalist with almost 20 years of experience in newspaper and magazine editing. “Zingisa’s appointment to Pretoria News comes at the time when competition for readership is rife, and we are confident with her track record she is capable of growing both readership profile and circulation, and drive the publication heights,” says Tony Howard, chief executive of Independent Newspapers.
On merit or special treatment?-
A reporter who doesn`t understand the functions of a State President is a cub reporter and not an executive reporter. In her recent column she defended the President against those who demand he fulfill his promises to shall devote all his everything to fight crime and argued that they`re barking-up the wrong tree. The President was not telling aliens but reporters that crime is out of control and I Mbeki is going to do something about it. Now,if reporters didn`t comprehend him they should have asked him what do you mean or for clarification.Mbeki appointed Nqakula to fight crime and if Nqakula is failing in that regard Mbeki must call him in and demand a plan of action and if such a plan is not forthcoming Mbeki must dismiss him and appoint a capable person and that`s how he intrudes in others departments. Yours Sincerely (^£ Tim Singiswa
Posted on 11 Mar 2007 11:28
Capable of growing readership profile?-
Dear Sir Well,Tony Howard think so-and I don`t! Today,independent women are the targets of mafias and they are identified by the kind of vehicles they`re driving. They will then be trailed and as soon as she reaches a stop street or traffic lights the mafia will stop next to her and assertively asked her if she doesn`t wanna join him at the nearest Steers and because of the greed of women she will agree and he`ll pay the bill regardless of how much it was because he wants her car. Then he`ll invite her to some upmarket area house later that evening and there she`ll be offered permanently addicting drugs where her life will now be wrenched from her by drugs which will mean financial ruin and the confiscation of the car to finance the habit. Now,this executive reporter urged women to buy those exotic cars and show the man the "woman power"without cautioning them against the power of organised criminals who are everywhere including freeways and highways. Now, my advise is to buy and show-off but either be like those "kamikaze"Japanese girls or have a body guard around the clock or face being stripped of your car and be relegated to Brazilian,Pakistani or Sao Paulo`s jails. Yours Sincerely (^# Tim Singiswa
Posted on 2 Apr 2007 11:56
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