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Lineup for Sunday's Media@SAfm show

This Sunday, 10 April 2011, the programme for Ashraf Garda's Media@SAfm show, 9am-11am on 104-107 FM nationwide, will include: MTN Radio award winners; David Sidenberg, partner: BMI Sport, on the brand exposure and viewership figures of the recent ICC Cricket World Cup; Tony Blair's former spokesperson Alastair Campbell on government communications in Britain; SAfm unveiling its campaign to open the conversation with its audience; Famous Faces founder Stuart Lee on being a celebrity manager; and Colourworks owner Lesley Waterkeyn, on the launch of new CSI initiative Kaleidoscope. Send advance comments or questions to az.oc.mfas@farhsa or az.oc.mfas@aidem, Twitter or Facebook.
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