Front page horror pic

I can never understand the kind of reasoning that informs the content on the Daily Sun. Yesterday, I saw a front page picture of the daily - a gruesome picture of somebody whose face was burned.
And they just gave it to us as is, as s/he was lying in a hospital. I didn't read the story as I don't read the paper, but I think it's despicable. I'm battling to understand how any person can look at that pic and actually think it fit to publish on a front page nogal?

I believe it is disrespectful not only to the burn victim but to the people who read the paper. I don't care what the circulation figures say, the paper is pathetic!
The Daily Sun is a disgrace to the intellect of those who read it!-
Hi people South Africa has a problem with literacy and numeracy, please see the latest rankings of how are doing on Math and Science globally - out of an odd 50 countries we rank in the late 40's. Everyone knows whay that is the case.....the daily sun (I guesse has spotted that and decided to service these unfortunate individuals, and there are millions of them and they happen to be largely black (I am aslo black) I do not like the daily sun myself....but in a free economy, you can't tell them not to publish, no -one can! As i said it is an insult to black people including me... I can choose not to read / buy it ( that is easy to do), however it does not put paid to the fact that I feel INSULTED by the daily sun. What I CAN DO though is educate myself (always), encourage my fellow black person to both read / write & count so he / she is enlightened, with better literacy and numeracy levels, there WILL NOT be a NEED for publications like the Daily Sun or such publications will change content and adapt to the NEEDS of the new market. That unfortunately will take time, I mean a real long time.....IF BLACK people have no respect for their INTELECTUAL DEVELOPMENT, the Daily Sun's of this world will FOREVER Thrive.....and there is not much you can do about them.....economics calls it demand and supply. At the moment, all those guys who either do not make it through high school or varsity (any tertiary) or IF they do BUT DO NOT THINK READING (so you are a better person) is MOST IMPORTANT, the daily sun has an unlimited market. Frm Pres, Rholihlahla Nelson Mandela, once drew a parallel between what is happening in the Great Lakes (Burundi, Hutu killing Tutsi as a RESULT of a PEOPLE NOT EDUCATED. There has been atleast 2 or 3 Genocide occurances in that country, beside the recent one of the 90's, another one took place in the 40's) ....HE is 100% correct, lack of education is a DISEASE, just like the scourge of HIV / AIDS....(this is cruel, but this disease thrives on IGNORANCE and lack of EDUCATION - HUNGER - POVERTY, etc just like the Daily Sun does on the intellectual front. One last thing, reading the Business Day, Financial MAil, Star, Citizen, etc is NOT being intelectual, that reasoning is a reflection on an absence of a CULTURE OF REDING that somehow makes one feel ASHAMED to do so simply can be likened trying to FEED your BRAIN with good food, as much as your doctor will tell you not to eat junk food cause it is not healthy, OR as common sense tells you that ...when you go to re-fuell your car, don't drink the petrol, cause it is not good for you..... Sorry, it s a long email.......and if u r blck and u read this far, thank you and well is a first step towards self love, appreciations, freeing yourself from bondage! Robinho
Posted on 16 Feb 2005 13:32
Get real Justin-
I suspect you are trying to represent an official line for this paper....granted its their right to publish to whoever buys them, and not complaining about that. This is an inslut to black people, I am pretty sure, you cannever refer your off-springs to the Daily Sun for a School project..........would you? There is simply nothing to be gained from it.....with Headlines like "I had Sex with a DOG"......"Ther's Muti in My Fridge"......etc,etc How are you expecting to build an intellectual resourse out of that? Crazy! isn't it?
Posted on 16 Feb 2005 13:45
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