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Donna Rachelson
5 signs that you should be marketing yourself

You may not think that you need to market yourself in the workplace, but if you're experiencing any of the following signs, you may just need to rethink your stance.

By Donna Rachelson 27 Jun 2013

Leadership: mistakes, apologies and permission
Leadership: mistakes, apologies and permission

While it's prudent to take direction from the experts, it's as important to heed feedback from those at the receiving end of leadership.

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 10 Jun 2013

Tasneem Mohamed
Tips on preparing for a job interview

One third of employers will make a hiring decision in the first 90 seconds of a job interview. Research shows that a positive, upbeat attitude when you walk through the door accounts for 55% of the impact you make in an interview, while confident communication accounts for 38%.

By Tasneem Mohamed 21 May 2013

Catherine Milward-Bridges
Leadership: it's the brass tacks that count

Carducci. Chanel. Prada. If only a positive leadership image stopped at good dress sense. The impression that employees hold of their leaders is as critical as the messages that they deliver.

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 3 May 2013

Donna Rachelson
Crafting your personal brand story

Often, in business or personal encounters with other people, we hear the phrase, "So, tell me a bit about yourself." Yet many of us don't have a well-packaged answer ready. And that means that we miss out on an opportunity to quickly convey all the most important things we want people to know about us. Instead, we ramble and leave out key bits of information.

By Donna Rachelson 23 Apr 2013

Matthew Gray
Getting serious about social recruiting (part 1)

Social recruiting brings about a powerful new way of finding hard-to-reach candidates as talent increasingly shifts online.

By Matthew Gray 15 Apr 2013

Douglas Kruger
Seven stages in becoming an industry expert

From Amoeba to Icon; where do you currently rank in your industry's natural progression? In this piece, I walk you through the seven stages of development as you strive to position yourself as an industry expert. [video]

By Douglas Kruger 13 Apr 2013

Donna Rachelson
How to land your dream job

What's your dream job? Everyone has one. Whether you want to work on a particular project, for a specific company, or you long to accomplish a defined goal, you probably have an idea in your mind of what your dream job would be. Instead of dreaming about that job, choose to pursue it and increase your chances of turning it into a reality.

By Donna Rachelson 1 Mar 2013

[2013 trends] Out-of-the-box branding
[2013 trends] Out-of-the-box branding

No, the concepts of "tribalism", "gamification" and "engagement" aren't a promo for the latest computer game, but are in fact the trends that will characterise the way companies and consumers interact in 2013. The branding industry is constantly developing and. while the following trends are evolutions rather than dynamic, short-term changes, we believe there are 10 areas that will define the brandscape over the next year.

By HKLM Exco Team 31 Jan 2013

[2013 trends] It's all Hype(r)
[2013 trends] It's all Hype(r)

Colloquially, the word hyper is often used to convey over-the-top or excessive behaviour - as in "those blue Smarties made my child/dog/girlfriend really hyper". Additionally, over the last three or four decades, it has also come to mean linked. For the purposes of trend prediction, I will go out on a limb and predict that, from 2013, hyper will replace mega, uber and even inter as an urban prefix of choice.

By Terry Levin 30 Jan 2013

[2013 trends] The year we stop living to work, start working to live
[2013 trends] The year we stop living to work, start working to live

Increasingly, people are valuing intangibles benefits of a job over the bottom-line salary. 2013 will be the year where recruitment and talent retention are governed by the environment and not simply the pay check.

By Greg Schneider 18 Jan 2013

[2013 trends] Changes #trending, opportunities knocking in education sector
[2013 trends] Changes #trending, opportunities knocking in education sector

I'm quite new to education, but completely immersed and have much to say. I thought I'd focus my crystal ball on a broad range of education industry issues, and wanted to avoid at all costs penning another "Have you heard about Khan Academy?" piece, (But now that that's done)...

By Josh Adler 18 Jan 2013

[2013 trends] Reinventing the sales function
[2013 trends] Reinventing the sales function

Belatedly, sales - long the corporate stepchild - is emerging not only as a topic worthy of academic and executive attention but also as the business function where substantive improvement is not only doable but also capable of delivering extremely attractive improvements in shareholder returns.

By Peter Gilbert 17 Jan 2013

Johan Botes
Top 10 New Year's resolutions for employers

Here are some resolutions for 2013 for you that you, as an employer, may well find useful. Get them right now - and avoid any unpleasant surprises during the year.

By Johan Botes 31 Dec 2012

Donna Rachelson
Personal marketing: Ditch the CV to stand out

We all know that the most effective marketing is the type that stands out from the clutter, with a clear and concise message, and a strong unique selling proposition. The strange thing to me is that we don't apply this knowledge when marketing ourselves.

By Donna Rachelson 1 Oct 2012

Irene Lewis, president and CEO of SAIT Polytechnic
[IABC 2012] Employee engagement and transformational change

CHICAGO, USA: Irene Lewis, president and CEO of SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) started out as a rural school teacher has always focused on the people around her. She realised from early days that companies can make all the promises they want. Without engaged employee who can deliver, they will achieve little.

By Daniel Munslow 27 Jun 2012

Karen Parkin
Building a culture of project management

How does a company get things done if not by project management? It has been around since the days of creating the pyramids in Ancient Egypt. Yet even today in South Africa, project management is an under-valued discipline. Even though it is not rocket science, successful projects remain as elusive as the Scarlett Pimpernel.

By Karen Parkin 6 Mar 2012

John Boe
Recruit your way to the top!

Essentially a sales manager's primary responsibility is to recruit, train and motivate his or her sales force to achieve peak performance. Of these three vitally important tasks, recruiting is the least understood and by far the most challenging.

By John Boe 6 Feb 2012

[2012 trends] Re-evaluating the way we work, communicate
[2012 trends] Re-evaluating the way we work, communicate

2012 will be a year in which we will be forced to re-evaluate the way we work and the way we convey our clients' messages to the market. Here are my tips and predictions for the months ahead.

By Lisa Dawson Biggs 19 Jan 2012

Charl Thom
Internships: making the right choice

It's that time of the year when the inboxes of HR departments and agency execs start overflowing with internship applications. Beginning your career with the right agency is arguably one of the most important decisions you'll make. As a starting point, consider culture, courage, vision and brand as a non-negotiable.

By Charl Thom 30 Nov 2011

Donna Rachelson
The Steve Jobs brand legacy

Tributes to Steve Jobs began to pour in just minutes after the news of his death. Twitter was buzzing with Steve Jobs quotes and memories, while news sites declared the end of an era.

By Donna Rachelson 11 Oct 2011

Suhaifa Naidoo
Six tips to optimise your social ranking for potential employers

Choosing to be a part of a social network allows for you to be scrutinised, something once reserved for the famous. This, however, does not only stop with your friends and ex-partners: people are now being socially examined by potential employers as well. But does this mean that people should refrain from social networking?

By Suhaifa Naidoo 15 Sep 2011

So your PA is a web specialist?

Have you seen the kind of job ad looking for a PA/web co-ordinator, including secretarial duties and running the company web strategy/SEO/social media? I have - too many times. These same companies use their poor results obtained by their junior PA for their website traffic, as justification for why it's not worth investing in a "qualified" or "expensive" web specialist.

By Donna Stephen 22 Jul 2011

How to get a job in the media industry
How to get a job in the media industry

Young talented graduates find it to be a near impossible undertaking breaking into the media, advertising and communications industry. But, before we start blaming several factors that mainly put the blame squarely on the industry, let's first look at how and where the young-and-upcoming go wrong when applying a job.

By Banele Rewo 1 Dec 2010

Cross-functional communication on the inside
Cross-functional communication on the inside

It stands to reason that strong internal communication generates an engaged, productive and loyal workforce. Looking at internal communication - or as we so aptly put it these days, employee engagement - there are a number of cross-functional communicative approaches at our disposal.

By Andrew McIlwaine 8 Nov 2010

Gregory Gondwe
JUMA conducts media study in Malawi

According to a report compiled by the Journalists Union of Malawi (JUMA), the prevailing conditions endured by media practitioners in the country are demeaning, exploitative and not befitting professionals. The study showed that the reasons most journalists in Malawi are exploited are because a majority are young and single.

By Gregory Gondwe 12 Aug 2010

Coming soon, Kenyan certified managers

Kenya will soon have certified public managers, should a law regulating the practice of management be passed by parliament. This means that anyone bearing the title of 'manager' will need to be certified. The Bill titled, The Kenya Institute of Management Bill 2009, will among other things register practicing managers and bind them to a code of conduct.

By Carole Kimutai 11 Aug 2009

Google offers lead jobs to East Africans
Google offers lead jobs to East Africans

Google, has invited technology experts in East Africa for its top jobs. The world's largest search engine is looking for country heads for its Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda offices according to news from its human resource office.

By Walter Wafula 25 Sep 2008

Gregory Gondwe
Malawi trade union body clashes with Chinese investors

Barely nine months after Malawi entered into diplomatic ties with China, Chinese investors visiting Malawi because of the ties, clashed with the Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) over working conditions of local employees.

By Gregory Gondwe 20 Aug 2008

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