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Digital catalogue launched by DISCOP

In response to the needs of both buyers and sellers of content from Africa and the Middle East, DISCOP Markets has launched a digital catalogue so trade in content can take place online.
Digital catalogue launched by DISCOP

As a way to boost interaction between buyers and sellers before, during, and in-between the four  annual DISCOP Markets, DISCOP Club is a digital interface and customised service tailor-made for buyers who now can enjoy the ease of having a digital catalogue featuring relevant information and videos for each property offered by DISCOP registered vendors.

Registered buyers can also screen full-length versions or full-length episodes whenever available, and by using the instant and real time Chat Box service, they can request the assistance of ‘personal shoppers’ to set-up meetings with DISCOP vendors or to help them in their selection of programs.

DISCOP Markets are uniquely positioned to offer this service with a 92% industry recognition factor and the ability to rapidly engage with over 1,500+ key buyers representing broadcasters, premium cable channels, mobile operators, and streaming platforms that have a marked preference for homegrown content.

Similarly, with its strong and continued focus on independent producers, DISCOP Markets are able to engage directly and speedily with over 500+ key independent producers active in the 70 countries of Africa and the Middle East.

In fact, the DISCOP Club is specifically designed to support independent producers with small catalogues of content, with projects in development, and with works in progress. Based on outreach via a survey to over 300 of these producers from the Middle East and from Africa, 100% responded that they would like to see an online marketplace to compliment the four DISCOP Markets.

Content streams

Via the personal shopper service, buyers are able to have 24/7 access to content with experts on hand via the website to compliment and support interactions between buyers and sellers outside of the physical market space. This service will assist buyers in navigating the various content streams available, and ultimately also benefit vendors and producers by providing sales opportunities outside the parameters of the DISCOP events.

Specifically designed for Africa and the Middle East, DISCOP Club will service content buyers and sellers for a region with a combined population of 1.5 billion. Africa and the Middle East still account for a very marginal share in B2B content trading, both in volume and in value. However, these regions anticipate dynamic growth in the near future.

DISCOP Club membership includes a host of innovative features including:

  • Quality screening. Whether it’s a desktop computer or a mobile phone, DISCOP Club provides a fast, high quality video playback experience for viewers across multiple devices. DISCOP Club web player supports Adaptive Bitrate streaming support (ABR) which helps optimise the streaming experience for viewers, based on their current bandwidth.
  • Full-length version or full-length episode of the program, in addition of the trailer.  The full-length versions are available only to DISCOP registered buyers.
  • The option to feature projects in development.
  • A team of personal shoppers. They are dedicated to reviewing, indexing and storing the content, thereby giving vendors and Producers more personalised attention.
  • Chat Window will allow buyers to ask questions about the content, and schedule meetings with Vendors ahead of a market.
  • More visibility for the content among Buyers all year round. A strong communication strategy (online and on the phone) will promote DISCOP Club with persistent frequency.
  • Analytics. The team can provide analytical data to best inform you about the buyers’ reach (number of impressions, number of plays, stream hours by consumer, most requested videos).
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