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Gateway, a winner at Intelsat's Annual Excellence Awards

LONDON: Gateway Communications has been awarded the “Excellence in Innovative Cellular Backhaul Services” at Intelsat's 4th Annual Excellence Awards for the Africa region for its ability to meet the requirements of the African telecoms industry.
Gateway now uses over 45 transponders of capacity, principally supplied over Africa by Intelsat. The bandwidth that Gateway provides, gives its customers across Africa, including over 80 cellular operators, access to high speed, high quality mobile internet connectivity and rapid, flexible roll-out of communications services.

Africa is the fastest growing mobile telecommunications market in the world, with an estimated 280.7 million subscribers at the end of 2007, representing a penetration of 30.4%. Gateway's Carrier Services Division has grown rapidly in recent years with growth of over 30% year in year, against a backdrop of overall market growth and liberalisation.

Out of Intelsat's global fleet of more than 50 satellites, the company operates 25 satellites that serve Africa with critical communication transmission services. The two companies share a commitment to Africa, with Intelsat operating on the continent for 40 years, and Gateway's rapid expansion to 40 African country markets.

“Gateway has shown that satellite communications can provide ongoing capacity for voice, video, cellular networks, transactional and multimedia applications, entertainment and information services to thousands of locations anywhere in the world,” said Flavien Bachabi, vice president of Africa at Intelsat. “Gateway continues to be a prominent leader in Africa in provision of innovative cellular services, and we are pleased to reward that investment in technology and business.”
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