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Hello Paisa consumers can now transact on WhatsApp

Hello Paisa recently introduced banking features for its consumers on WhatsApp.
Image credit: Hello Paisa.
Image credit: Hello Paisa.

According to the most recent report from the GSMA (GSM Association), sub-Saharan Africa has 444 million mobile subscribers, making up nearly 9% of all global mobile subscriptions. Around a third of these mobile users – 250 million people – own a smartphone.

In today’s omnichannel world of texts, chats, posts and tweets, consumers increasingly want to interact with businesses the same way they connect with their family and friends. Being immediate, more personal and international in reach, WhatsApp Business has the opportunity to connect with current and potential customers exactly where they already are while also being accessible to customers with the most basic technological knowledge.

Hello Paisa has enabled its consumers to use WhatsApp as a means to send money and transact. Through Hello Paisa digital banking, users can make use of remittance services as conveniently as texting a friend.

"Our customers already use WhatsApp to keep in touch with family and friends in other countries and, we thought, why not make it easier to send money to these relatives while saving them money, too? Through WhatsApp, consumers will be able to create a transaction, request a call-me-back or speak to an agent, to make their banking experience seamless," says Moosa Manjra, CEO of Hello Paisa.

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