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Trends in the premium car market

As the global vehicle market continues to grow, the overall picture has become increasingly blurry. Brand ownership has been consolidated broadly into massive motor company empires, only to be unbundled again recently.

The so-called “merger made in heaven” of Daimler-Benz and Chrysler ended in divorce. BMW's split from Rover and Land Rover resulted in a platform for the Chinese market and a quandary for Ford. Aston Martin became privately owned once again, old designs have seen a resurgence in Chinese brands, and Toyota has toppled General Motors to take the spot at the top of the motoring world.

All the while, segmentation boundaries have become greyer, more brands are playing in more segments and trying to be more things for the greater motoring public, and, interestingly, more players have felt compelled to participate in the premium end of the market, in the face of global demand for increased affordability.

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