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    BCG launches African centre to accelerate progress toward net-zero

    The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is launching its Centre for Climate & Just Transition in Africa. The centre currently has more than 50 core members across Africa and aims to help companies and governments accelerate their climate and sustainability journeys.
    Source: rawpixel ©
    Source: rawpixel ©

    “Both climate and Africa are priorities for BCG globally, and that is why we are launching our Centre for Climate & Just Transition in Africa with the purpose of unlocking the full potential of Africa to advance climate action and a just transition,” says Lucas Chaumontet, managing director and partner at BCG, Johannesburg.

    Africa – and South Africa – is disproportionately exposed to the risks posed by climate change. Increased climate volatility, rising water scarcity and the occurrence of extreme events such as droughts and floods will have a devastating effect on local livelihoods and regional food systems. The recent floods in KwaZulu-Natal bear testament to this.

    The centre will work to address the impact of climate change and accelerate progress toward net-zero while ensuring a just transition by focusing on three key priorities:

    • Co-creating an aligned national and continental climate fact base to help alignment, decision-making, and cooperation among key stakeholders,
    • Mobilising forces to build and scale globally competitive green industries to improve the economic context, which is critical to achievng a just transition, and
    • Developing critical capabilities within the public and private sectors to drive local leadership and ownership in African countries in this journey.

    “Through the centre, global and local experts from the public and private sectors and across the sustainability spectrum will engage, share knowledge and be able to access a vast library of relevant tools to achieve these aims. By bringing together a full suite of mitigation, adaptation and just transition capabilities to a broad set of industries and governments across the continent, we will be able to accelerate impact in the climate space,” says Chaumontet.

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