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Subscribe to industry newsletters aims across Africa with Tuluntulu, one of Africa's business audio stream platforms, has added the Tuluntulu app, designed to stream video and now audio on low-bandwidth connections in developing markets.
As the African continent is a mobile first market, it made logical sense to provide the market with an easy to access and low data usage platform so that people in business or wanting to go into business could easily connect to information on business and business trends locally and globally.

"We had already seen growth in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana and knew that working with a collaborative partner providing technology that would allow growing audiences to stream or download business insights - using as little data as possible - was the next logical step," says Ingrid von Stein, Founder and CEO,

Tuluntulu is a mobile content and advertising/messaging platform targeting audiences with African focused content. The app can be used to reach people globally via their smartphones or tablets and can be downloaded free from the Google Play and iOS App stores. For the end user usage is free; free to watch "TV" (no subscriptions), 100% free on Wi-Fi, with data costs only if connected via a mobile network (+-100MB / hr.).

Tuluntulu currently has 15 x 24/7 streaming "TV" channels; News (Al Jazeera, ANN7, Deutsche Welle, Voice of America), Education (Mindset, Spark4U), Documentaries (Afridocs), Movies (Nolly4U), Sport (Mobile Outdoor), Fashion (Fleur), Lifestyle (Africa4U), Comedy (Good4U), music (GUAP, Mafrik), Politics (ANC Joburg), and Religious (eLev8) and now is one of the first "internet radio channels" to join the mix.

Tuluntulu users can personalise the app by selecting "Favourite" channels, and users can choose high or low profiles (data consumption / quality changes) in order to save data costs or increase picture quality. Users can register directly or via Facebook, which will provide "push" marketing options to drive viewership. Items can be shared via social media.

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