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African skills wooed back from London

Over six hundred professional Africans attended the Homecoming Revolution Africa London Expo held at Olympia recently to find out about opportunities back home. Hailed a success by attendees and exhibitors alike, this two-day event reportedly trended on Twitter in South Africa and USA.
Comments Angel Jones, CEO & founder of Homecoming Revolution, "This was a pan-African launch and we were delighted at the high quality of African professionals who are very serious about returning home."

"What makes the Homecoming Revolution platform unique is that employers engaged candidates in an inspirational environment that included motivating case studies, top speakers, workshops, relocation services, immigration advice, entrepreneurial opportunities, property and schools too."

A big hit was the KISUA African fashion brand showcasing spectacular fashion pieces as founder, Samuel Mensah, told his homecoming story on the main stage.


Other high profile African speakers included Dr Mabouba Diagne from Barclays; Aly-Khan Satchu of Rich Management; Isaac Fokuo of the African Leadership Network; Yusuf Abramjee co-founder of LeadSA; Professor Nick Binedell from GIBS; Okendo Lewis-Gayle from Harambe Alliance; Betty Enyonam Kumahor from ThoughtWorks; Allon Raiz from Raizcorp; and Mizinga Melu CNBC Forbes African Businesswoman of the Year.

Concludes Jones, "It's of great significance that we're helping white and black Africans recognize each other with a common vision for the continent. By bringing South Africans, Nigerians, Ghanains, Kenyans, Ugandans and other nationals together, we can seriously create a massive wave of repatriation to sub-Saharan Africa".

Attendee survey results

A sample of 150 attendees were surveyed:

  1. How long have you been living abroad?

    40% over 15 years
    29% 11-15 years
    20% 6-10 years
    12% 1-5 years

  2. What has kept them from returning?

    44% The comfort of being overseas
    27% Lack of infrastructure
    16% Political climate
    14% Being out of touch

  3. What would make you return home?

    47% Jobs
    32% Family
    16% Sense of belonging & purpose

  4. How often do you go back home?

    35% Once a year
    32% Every two years
    19% Once every six months

  5. What is your perception of the job market at home?

    10% Excellent opportunities
    36% Strong opportunities
    43% Limited opportunities
    21% Very limited opportunities
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Homecoming Revolution
Established in South Africa in 2003, Homecoming Revolution is a proven one-stop platform for African skills repatriation.

With key marketing activities, Homecoming Revolution leverages the emotional hook of connecting the African diaspora to home. In partnership with public and private sectors, this platform showcases jobs, property, schools, products, services, advice, investments & entrepreneurial opportunities in Africa.

Together with like-minded partners, Homecoming Revolution is creating a powerful wave of economic & societal prosperity for Africa.
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