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Banking on Africa

African Banker, IC Publications’ new quarterly magazine dedicated to banking and finance in Africa, is to be launched in May 2007.

The launch will coincide with the African Development Bank annual meeting in Shanghai, China. The second issue will be published in October 2007 to coincide with the World Bank/IMF meeting and the African Banker Awards in Washington.

Covering news from the banking, finance, insurance, stock markets, currency, capital markets, direct and indirect financial investment sectors, the magazine will also include profiles of leading bankers; exclusive interviews; in-depth analysis of the major financial news and updates from across Africa. It will highlight emerging technologies in the sector, upcoming deals and existing opportunities, and present all the most important economic indicators.

African Banker will be distributed with African Business magazine. Furthermore, it will be sent to the CEOs of the top African banks, as well as insurance companies, brokers and investment houses in Africa. It will also be sent to the all the African desks of international banks in London, New York, Singapore, Tokyo and Dubai. It will be widely available at the AfBD meeting in Shanghai in May and at the World Bank/IMF meeting in Washington in October.

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