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    Anthology documents reasons for extremism in Africa

    Extremisms in Africa, one of the first anthologies of its kind on this topic to be authored - and published - on the African continent, provided an account of how extremist groups arose in Africa and the various ways in which they have harnessed their global agendas to local conflict dynamics and structural challenges, enabling them to exploit the grievances of gullible individuals and communities for their cause.
    Anthology documents reasons for extremism in Africa

    In developing this anthology, Extremisms in Africa Volume 2, Good Governance Africa wanted to focus on emergent trends, global geopolitics and conflict dynamics and how they merge to impact upon the African continent.

    They have sought to engage diverse topics ranging from ecological concerns surrounding climate change and migration to the implications of such human movement for modern-day trafficking and slavery, and the roles of women and youth.

    While these last two groups are often viewed passively, they show how women demonstrate an active and powerful role in the promotion of extremist groups and how youth gravitate towards “alternative realities” when they feel disenfranchised and excluded from the possibility of realising future aspirations.

    The editors are Alain Tschudin, Craig Moffat, Stephen Buchanan-Clarke, Susan Russell and Lloyd Coutts.

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