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Controversial KZN drilling project gets go-ahead

Marches, protests and objections to plans to drill for gas and oil along the KwaZulu-Natal coastline over the past few years have come to naught...

13 Sep 2019

#Newsmaker: How Georgie Badiel-Liberty is bringing sub-Saharan Africa's water scarcity to the forefront

International model and activist, Georgie Badiel-Liberty was recently in Cape Town to participate in the Doha Debate and talks to us about the important work she is doing through her foundation to create awareness around the world water crisis...

By Juanita Pienaar 12 Sep 2019

Wilderness Safaris Botswana launches biomonitoring programme

The initiative, which began in June this year, is an example of the company's long-held commitment to using authentic ecotourism to realise its vision of conserving and restoring Africa's wilderness and wildlife...

11 Sep 2019

Mozambique successfully convicts, sentences 2 rhino poachers

SANParks has lauded the successful conviction and sentencing in Mozambique of two poachers for killing two rhinos in the Limpopo National Park...

3 Sep 2019

It's time to break the deadlock over Africa's ivory trade: here's how

Fierce debates over ivory have dominated the global conference for the international trade in species for 30 years, since the first international ivory ban was instituted in 1989...

By Duan Biggs and Matthew H. Holden 28 Aug 2019

Ghana's pact with China to explore bauxite threatens a unique forest

Ghana's Atewa forest is one of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in the country...

By Alfred Oteng-Yeboah 22 Aug 2019

18th CITES Conference votes to end export of wild-caught elephants into captivity

The 18th meeting of the CITES Conference of the Parties has voted to end practice of removing live African elephants from the wild for export to captive facilities...

19 Aug 2019

SAIMI awareness campaign to boost SA's maritime culture

The South African International Maritime Institute has partnered with a team of maritime stakeholders to launch a national Maritime Awareness Programme aimed at growing a national maritime culture and pride in the country's oceans environment...

19 Aug 2019

Knowledge hub launched to help save African Lion

In the last 25 years alone, Africa has lost half its wild lion population, pushing the species closer to extinction...

16 Aug 2019

Climate change emerging as a legal liability risk for lenders in SA

Legal liability for climate change is an emerging risk for lenders in South Africa - a risk that is by no means limited to projects in the fossil fuel industry...

7 Aug 2019

WWF-SA Black Rhino Range Expansion Project completes 12th black rhino move

Now in its 16th year, the WWF-SA Black Rhino Range Expansion Project (BRREP) has just completed its 12th successful black rhino move, including translocating its 200th rhino...

6 Aug 2019

Captive lion breeding in South Africa: the case for a total ban

A new report by global NGO, World Animal Protection, provides a damning indictment on the captive predator breeding industry.

31 Jul 2019

How AI and machine learning can help combat rhino poaching

While various anti-rhino poaching strategies have helped curb this illegal activity, nature conservationists and other relevant role-players still lack real-time data about rhino behaviour that could provide crucial information of imminent poaching activities...

30 Jul 2019

Rhino Momma Project in desperate need of donations

Declared a national disaster, Namibia is facing a particularly severe drought that is ravaging all regions of the southern African country...

By Sindy Peters 29 Jul 2019

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