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    In Kenya, electric fences protect forests from human destruction

    What can stop wandering elephants, illegal logging and protect sources of water? Kenyan environmental group Rhino Ark Trust says electric fences. Lots of them...

    By Edwin Waita 26 Feb 2021

    SA venture to benefit from new Mondelez impact investing platform

    Inmed Aquaponics Social Enterprise is among the first to receive capital through Mondelez International's new impact investing platform Sustainable Futures...

    25 Feb 2021

    Ivory Coast lost 47,000ha of forest to cocoa production in 2020 - environmental group

    Ivory Coast lost 47,000 hectares (116,000 acres) of forest in its cocoa-growing regions in 2020, an environmental group said on Thursday...

    By Ange Aboa 19 Feb 2021

    Solar panels in Sahara could boost renewable energy but damage the global climate - here's why

    In a bid to ditch fossil fuels, some countries are considering carpeting deserts with solar panels...

    By Zhengyao Lu and Benjamin Smith 12 Feb 2021

    Work can be a violent experience for Zimbabwe's forest rangers

    As cases of poaching rise across Africa's protected areas, some governments have responded with a military approach to nature conservation...

    By Tafadzwa Mushonga 12 Feb 2021

    Nature: how do you put a price on something that has infinite worth?

    There's a new nature conservation strategy in town - and it means business...

    By Tom Oliver 8 Feb 2021

    Noise pollution is harming sea life, needs to be prioritised, scientists say

    Far beneath the ocean surface, a cacophony of industrial noise is disrupting marine animals' ability to mate, feed and even evade predators, scientists warn...

    By Sharon Bernstein 5 Feb 2021

    What is sustainability accounting? What does ESG mean? We have answers

    Sustainability is a hot topic today due to increasing awareness of climate change and inequality, among other pressing issues...

    By Leanne Keddie 3 Feb 2021

    Why paying people to tolerate wildlife is not the magic bullet for conservation

    Human-wildlife conflict is a complex issue globally. Whether it's mountain gorillas stealing bananas from farmers on the edge of Bwindi National Park in Uganda, or a pack of grey wolves raiding a cattle pen...

    By Alexander Richard Braczkowski et al. 12 Jan 2021

    RSA-EU strategic partnership encourages and supports green economic recovery

    Ambassador Riina Kionka, the head of the delegation of the European Union to South Africa, Ambassador Martin Schäfer, the German ambassador to SA, and Ambassador Aurélien Lechevallier, the French ambassador to SA, discuss the importance of investing in a green recovery for South Africa as well as the EU's projects in South Africa...

    Issued by GreenCape 14 Dec 2020

    Food and clean water start with soil biodiversity: Learning more about it is urgent

    Healthy soils are vital for food, biodiversity, and a healthy planet, but this below-ground world is often overlooked. The launch of the State of Knowledge of Soil Biodiversity Report highlights this...

    By Charlene Janion-Scheepers 10 Dec 2020

    Namibian fishery is second in Africa to be certified as sustainable

    The Namibia Hake Trawl and Longline Fishery has become the first fishery in Namibia, and the second in Africa, to meet the globally recognised standard for sustainable fishing set by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)...

    Issued by MSC 19 Nov 2020

    Global food system emissions alone threaten warming beyond 1.5°C - but we can act now to stop it

    Modern agriculture releases lots of different greenhouse gas emissions, each with complex effects on the global climate...

    By John Lynch 9 Nov 2020

    #ConsciousLiving: Ashaki driving purpose-led beauty through impact sourcing

    Through her natural haircare brand Ashaki, Nthabiseng 'Joy' Duff has set out to prove that the beauty industry can be a positive force for change...

    By Lauren Hartzenberg 30 Oct 2020

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