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Africa's guide to sustainable development goals

Africa must digitise its economies, broaden its tax base, prevent further deterioration of fiscal and debt positions, and aim for double-digit growth to achieve the UN 2030 global goals (SDGs), and the AU Agenda 2063...

1 day ago

Africa's heightened appeal as a trade and export destination

Africa is open for business. With average annual growth for sub-Saharan Africa forecast at 8% until 2023, the continent is looking increasingly attractive as a trade and export destination...

15 Mar 2019

The cause and effect of behaviour economics

Psychologically, we are programmed to respond well to being rewarded for good behaviour...

11 Mar 2019

What Buhari has to do to take Nigeria's economy to the next level

One of the main reasons newly-elected Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari had been widely expected to lose his bid for a second term was the poor state of the country's economy...

By Stephen Onyeiwu 7 Mar 2019

The challenges and opportunities of trade finance in Africa

It's common knowledge that, while the African continent offers many exceptional economic opportunities for forward-thinking businesses and investors, doing business in Africa can be challenging...

By Sekete Mokgehle 27 Feb 2019

6 major investment decision shapers in 2019

Smart beta, alternative investments, risk management, sustainability, big data and technology, and China as a disruptor in international asset management are the most dominant themes impacting investors in 2019.

By Janina Slawski 25 Feb 2019

Annual Africa Shared Value Summit to be held in Nairobi

This year's Africa Shared Value Summit will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, 23-24 May 2019, at the Radisson Blu Hotel...

25 Feb 2019

South Africa's failure to create manufacturing jobs

To reduce unemployment South Africa needs to prioritise labour-intensive work instead of higher wages, write professors Jeremy Seekings and Nicoli Nattrass...

By Jeremy Seekings and Nicoli Nattrass 25 Feb 2019

Africa's business revolution

Africa offers exciting possibilities for companies looking to access new growth markets in a constrained global economic climate...

Issued by Gordon Institute of Business Science 21 Feb 2019

SA, Moz elevate economic partnership with ground-breaking pact

South Africa and Mozambique have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on economic cooperation which will provide a broad basis for cooperation between the two sister countries...

20 Feb 2019

CEOs still don't understand big data

Although many business owners and CEOs have introduced big data into their operations, very few know how to use it effectively for a competitive edge...

14 Feb 2019

Are you ready for the sustainability revolution?

While it is one of five megatrends that are set to have an undeniable effect on the world we live in, sustainability extends far beyond the single, albeit very important, issue of climate change...

By Patrick Odier 11 Feb 2019

The World Bank needs deep reforms to reflect a changing world order

The sudden resignation of World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has rekindled debate about leadership succession and the mission of the international financial institution...

By Mzukisi Qobo and Mills Soko 8 Feb 2019

Africa's economic outlook 2019

African Development Bank to present 2019 African Economic Outlook at 32nd AU Summit...

4 Feb 2019

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