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MTN reveals latest global brand campaign
MTN reveals latest global brand campaign

Whereas the trend for multinationals is to produce generic campaigns for use across their markets, often with minimal or no localisation, MTN has done the complete opposite with its latest global brand campaign, "Welcome to the New World" which was launched last week.

20 Dec 2012

Measuring ROI on social media

There is no tool more powerful for justifying spending on social media than hard numbers that prove it is worth every penny.

By Richard Mullins 12 Dec 2012

Lagos hosts Social Media Week
Lagos hosts Social Media Week

February 2013 will mark the inaugural Social Media Week on the continent of Africa. Social Media Week Lagos brings together thought leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs and everyday citizens from Nigeria and throughout the continent and the diaspora - to explore how people and organisations are connecting to share new ideas and information.

11 Dec 2012

Yusuf Begg
Know thine cell phone user

Ok, so by now we're all well aware that mobile devices have taken over communication and that they're here to stay and dominate...Check! Cellular phones and tablets have saturated the markets and these devices evolve every day...Aha! Their evolution is mind blowing and mobile marketers have a phenomenal platform to reach users and brand their product...Ok we got it! Advertising ensures that we are always up-to-date with the progression of mobile devices, but what about the operator themselves?

By Yusuf Begg 10 Dec 2012

Orange to launch in the DRC
Orange to launch in the DRC

Orange has announced the launch of its operations under the Orange brand in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, giving a new dynamic to operations marketed until now under the CCT brand.

6 Dec 2012

Kings of Social Video
Kings of Social Video

The first Goviral Social Video Equity Report lists the Top 100 brands in branded content in 2012. The report looks at how online video is being used by global brands as part of their marketing strategy.

By Jerome Mouton 4 Dec 2012

Primedia Nigeria wins award
Primedia Nigeria wins award

For its contribution to the development of the out of home advertising category in Nigeria, Primedia Nigeria was awarded the Platinum Brand Award at the recent IMC Movers awards dinner. The accolade is a result of media owners judging their peers within their own industry.

28 Nov 2012

Donna Rachelson
The importance of team branding

Over the last few years, I've focused my efforts mainly on personal branding and marketing, but as I've worked with organisations I've come to understand the importance of effective team branding too.

By Donna Rachelson 27 Nov 2012

Continental Outdoor Media appoints John Farquhar
Continental Outdoor Media appoints John Farquhar

Continental Outdoor Media has announced the appointment of John Farquhar as the deputy managing director for the company's Rest of Africa (RoA) operations. Farquhar will report to Adelaide McKelvey, RoA managing director.

27 Nov 2012

Saint-Francis Tohlang
The curious case of Alcatel

Ever wondered what happened to Alcatel mobile phones? Once upon a time the "Rolls Royce" of cellulars in the peak of the cellphone boom, the brand somewhat waned into obscurity. Now it seems to have re-emerged to boldly claim a stake in the smartphone market and 2013 is the year touted for this bold dynamic play to take full effect. Let us unpack the curious business case of the Alcatel brand and its journey of rediscovery and brand repositioning.

By Saint-Francis Tohlang 24 Nov 2012

Tatenda Chiweshe
Financial return vs. marketing skill - billboards unpacked

We all know that big guys with big money tend to win bigger, it is no secret that the best way to reap big rewards from billboards in Africa is to start with a battalion of cash. That way you can subsume fledgling enterprises that have great assets but lack volumes to service big brand needs.

By Tatenda Chiweshe 19 Nov 2012

Greater Than takes Harley-Davidson Africa social
Greater Than takes Harley-Davidson Africa social

Harley-Davidson Africa has Cape Town-based full-service communications agency, Greater Than to manage its official Facebook page, the strategy, content development, engagement with 'fans' and online reputation management.

12 Nov 2012

Walter Wafula
NTV tops social media use in Uganda

Nation Television (NTV) is the savviest user of global social media networks in Uganda according to Top Corporate Brand on Social Media 2012, an online survey by, a social entertainment website in the country.

By Walter Wafula 9 Nov 2012

Expanding your brand across Africa
Expanding your brand across Africa

Many companies talk about expanding into Africa. It's the next obvious frontier. However, it would be wrong to assume that a week's visit to Nigeria for example, with a population of over 160 million and 350 ethnic groups with twelve languages, will give you a true understanding of how to operate your brand in that market.

By Nonye Mpho Omotola 8 Nov 2012

Lamu Homes & Safaris now using Z-Card
Lamu Homes & Safaris now using Z-Card

Kenyan-based Lamu Homes & Safaris, the organiser of trips to Lamu for local and international tourists, is now using a Z-Card to promote Lamu as a destination of choice.

7 Nov 2012

All set for 2012 PRAU Excellence Awards
All set for 2012 PRAU Excellence Awards

Uganda's annual PRAU Excellence Awards, the event that recognises public relations and communications excellence in Uganda, is set to take place on 23 November 2012. This years event will coincide with the East African Public Relations Conference (EAPRC) which will take place in Kampala.

By Walter Wafula 6 Nov 2012

DUO expands footprint into Nigeria, Kenya
DUO expands footprint into Nigeria, Kenya

Following an increased demand from its clients, specialist ICT marketing and PR agency, DUO Marketing + Communications has announced it will be expanding its presence into Nigeria and Kenya.

30 Oct 2012

Donna Rachelson
Personal branding: What we can learn from Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong has been an icon of cycling, the hero of countless sportspeople and an ambassador for cancer awareness, and yet over the past week his powerful personal brand has come crashing down. There are personal branding lessons we can take from his fall from grace, as well as from other sportspeople whose careers have been affected by controversy.

By Donna Rachelson 29 Oct 2012

Mike Taberner
Commoditised creativity - a dangerous slope

During one of our brainstorming sessions we discussed the topic of clients who don't see the value of the work that is done by agencies. The debate centred for some time on whether or not clients could in fact do what we do. What was missed in the debate is what is missed in any selling situation. That is: If you cannot show the value, then the client is not going to buy it and there is no getting away from this fact. However there is much merit in debating this point.

By Mike Taberner 27 Oct 2012

Howzit MSN, Ad Dynamo partner to extend reach in Nigeria
Howzit MSN, Ad Dynamo partner to extend reach in Nigeria

Howzit MSN has partnered with Ad Dynamo to monetise its growing traffic in Nigeria, following the extension of its brand from South Africa into the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

19 Oct 2012

African Bank selects a Z-Card
African Bank selects a Z-Card

African Bank recently selected a Z-Card as part of its marketing mix to generate awareness that it now provides interest free, short-term loans to foreign nationals who are formally employed and residing in South Africa.

16 Oct 2012

Of Tweets and Hate Language

Twitter has taken the world of social networking by storm and tweeting has clearly become the most widely used and preferred communication medium by leading entertainment and sports personalities. The big distinction between it and Facebook is, whereas the latter mostly involves social interaction among people tied together by friendship and family values, Twitter has dominant individuals followed by both their peers and members of the public.

By Knowledge Mushohwe 12 Oct 2012

Gregory Gondwe
MBC moves towards rebranding

State owned broadcaster, the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has taken a step towards rebranding, by calling on companies and individuals to develop a new logo, a new motto and a theme song as part of its corporate identity.

By Gregory Gondwe: @Kalipochi 12 Oct 2012

Megatron Federal rebrands
Megatron Federal rebrands

Megatron Federal, a division of Ellies Ltd, an African provider of turnkey infrastructure solutions, has announced its re-brand as of October 2012. With the recent expansion of the company, the new look has become a necessity in order to communicate effectively with key stake holders.

10 Oct 2012

Mongezi Mtati
Starving the Creative

As an experienced freelance creative, you've most likely been around the block a few times. You've worked with a number of agencies and proved your worth in the creative industry. You have probably also worked with corporate companies, adding to your portfolio and increasing your experience. Logically speaking, your diversity and depth of experience should mean that you are remunerated commensurate with that level of skill and ability.

By Mongezi Mtati 9 Oct 2012

African Convention Bureau and Indigo Marketing form alliance

With a large number of international convention bids being placed both for South Africa and Africa, the African Convention Bureau has formed a strategic alliance with Indigo Marketing.

4 Oct 2012

Cogniko introduces analytics solutions services

Cogniko, a New York based marketing analytics and digital intelligence firm, has announced the introduction of its analytics solutions to meet the demands of Nigerian marketers seeking to understand and maximize the return on their marketing investments.

2 Oct 2012

LIVEOUTLOUD scoops Africa SMME Award
LIVEOUTLOUD scoops Africa SMME Award

LIVEOUTLOUD, a lifestyle brand, was announced the Most Innovative Company in South Africa and recognised as the second most innovative on the African continent at the Africa SMME Award ceremony held in Stellenbosch, Cape Town South Africa on 27 September 2012.

1 Oct 2012

Donna Rachelson
Personal marketing: Ditch the CV to stand out

We all know that the most effective marketing is the type that stands out from the clutter, with a clear and concise message, and a strong unique selling proposition. The strange thing to me is that we don't apply this knowledge when marketing ourselves.

By Donna Rachelson 1 Oct 2012

Loeries 2012 winners: The Rest of Africa & the Middle East
Loeries 2012 winners: The Rest of Africa & the Middle East

This year saw the introduction of a new category at The Loerie Awards - for the Rest of Africa and the Middle East, sponsored by the Mail & Guardian. The category gave non-South African work a chance to shine and the audience saw two Gold Loeries awarded, as well as three Silver statues and seven Bronzes.

27 Sep 2012

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