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Malta Guinness commercial for Africa released

CAPE TOWN: Creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town this week announced the release of a music video TV commercial for Malta Guinness, which forms part of its marketing communication campaign in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya and Tanzania.
The commercial, which commenced rotating on TV networks this week, aims to distinguish Diageo Africa's non-alcoholic beverage, Malta Guinness, from other malt drinks.

"The desire is to create an appeal amongst potential drinkers, both inside and outside of the malt category. When consumers are looking for a nutritional complement, Malta Guinness offers much more than an ordinary soft drink, which provides no nutritional advantage," says Graham Cruikshanks, Saatchi & Saatchi deputy MD.

"The creative rationale is that Malta Guinness has an abundance of intrinsic goodness. We are communicating the great nutritional upside of Malta Guinness and the impact the brand can have to promote a more vibrant life amongst consumers

"Through a specially composed hip-hop track, Malta Guinness provides fun advice on how to be better, do more, and reach higher. Throughout the campaign, motivational slogans are sung or appear that suggest things like - 'Get to the top', 'Go the distance', 'Love Yourself', 'Rise Above'."

Producers from Africa and Pulse Music in New York worked with Saatchi & Saatchi on the sound for the commercial music track, which may also be heard on radios and in dance in the coming months. Other marketing events include an outdoor campaign, point of purchase materials, refreshment sampling and dance events.

The campaign follows on from the Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa - a Pan-African dance competition and TV initiative that incorporates some of the competition's winners.