Africa's economic growth rising despite challenges
Africa's economic growth rising despite challenges

Several African countries have reported a rise in their GDP despite fears over increased debt according to ICAEW's latest report...

7 hours ago

Addis Ababa. © Ilona Sapozhnikova via
Reciprocal trade missions to Addis Ababa and Cape Town

Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce commits to reciprocal Trade Mission to the Cape in 2018...

6 hours ago

'It's time to invest, trade and partner with Africa'

Global Business Leaders to address 2018 Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit in Washington, D.C...

2 days ago

Does your brand matter?

More and more brands are finding it difficult to trade in this ever-changing and difficult market we find ourselves in. The biggest challenge is remaining relevant to a core target market...

By Jedd Cokayne 2 days ago

Urban renewal: The physical manifestation of innovative thinking

A powerful lesson in how to turn vision into reality...

By Gil Sperling 15 Jun 2018

Innovation labs in Africa have doubled

The African tech hubs pioneering innovation: How digital transformation can drive growth and job creation across emerging economies...

15 Jun 2018

B2B marketing misconceptions, exclusive interview w/ Tom Stein

Jessica Tennant interviews Tom Stein, chairman and CCO of Stein IAS to find out what delegates can expect from his talk at B2B Marketing Africa in Johannesburg on Tuesday, 19 June and his view of the B2B marketing landscape from a global perspective...

By Jessica Tennant 15 Jun 2018

Investing in your customers yields returns

The 2018 edition of Africa's customer experience summit, CEM Africa, will focus on return on investment as the African CX market matures and investment increases...

14 Jun 2018

Africa could position itself as a frontrunner in 4IR

Reports on emerging technologies officially launched at African Innovation Summit, last week...

14 Jun 2018

Kenya's Onesha connects creatives with opportunities

Kenyan startup Onesha is an online marketplace offering businesses access to a pool of vetted, skilled and trusted creative professionals...

13 Jun 2018

African innovation must be nurtured

African Innovators' closing call to action from Africa Innovation Summit 2018: "Africans must throw out the boxes that have caged them..."

11 Jun 2018

Understanding the difference between marketing and public relations

Most people do not know where to draw the line between PR and marketing hence I have constantly found myself trying to distinguish the not so obvious differences between PR and marketing...

By Minnie-lee Tagwirei 8 Jun 2018

The future of marketing is data-driven, creative, and people-based

Shaune Jordaan argues that, in order to produce real business results, marketing needs to be data-driven, creative, and (most importantly) people-based.

By Shaune Jordaan 8 Jun 2018

How data and content is powering marketing innovation in Africa

Data and content will be the two factors that continue to drive innovation for African brands across the continent...

By Cathy Ibal 8 Jun 2018

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