Federico Dedeu

Business Development Lead for EMEA at indaHash
Location:South Africa


Federico Dedeau is the Business Development Lead for EMEA at indaHash, a global technology platform that connects more than 589,000 social media influencers with a combined reach of one and a half billion followers to brands around the world. An industry veteran with more than 18 years experience in marketing and advertising and has held positions at some of the leading advertising and media agencies in SA. He has led accounts for brands like Coca-Cola and Standard Bank.
Influence or fraud?

The influencer industry continues to come under scrutiny as frauds and fakes give everybody else a bad name...

By Federico Dedeu 26 Oct 2018

Smaller is better, especially with influence

The big names in influencer realms may pull in the big bucks and big audiences, but it is the micro influencer that is finally finding its place in the sun, writes Federico Dedeu...

By Federico Dedeu 6 Jul 2018

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