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14 10th Street Productions crosses international borders

The year has brought about international work for 14 10th Street head creative editor, Tongai Furusa.

In March, he edited a Zimbabwean feature film, "Tanyaradzwa" with Afro Vision Entertainment. He had been approached by Dorothy Meck (Producer and Director) earlier on in the year, who was really keen for Furusa to be involved. Afro Vision Entertainment was so impressed with his work that they have asked for 14 10th Street to supervise video finish of the film in the coming months.

This experience was to open yet another door for this talented editor. At the beginning of April he was approached by Moonlighting Films to be part of a team of editors to work on an Anti-Terrorism documentary in Saudi Arabia.

Young editor gets it right

We've all seen the hilarious 5FM Concerts spots and cringed at how bad the school concert performances are - but for the 14 10th Street editor, Quinton Jones, it was smiles all the way for Blender Productions.

Jones was thrilled to be given the opportunity to work on these commercial spots after Blender director and producer, Cindy Lee & Phumi Mashigo approached 14 10th Street Productions to assist in this project.

Quinton Jones has just completed a dynamic music video for local hip hop act, Pro Kid which will be air-played on MTV USA later this month.
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