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#BizTrends2021: Looking ahead at the smartphone market
#BizTrends2020: What does the African mobile consumer really want for the new decade?
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#BizTrends2020: What's in store for a digitally connected Africa?
#BizTrends2019: Convergence, connections and trust
#BizTrends2019: Payments, engagement, partnership - African retail trends for 2019
#BizTrends2019: The speed of culture
Corrie Bakker, Head of Business Development & Strategy - Africa at PayU EMEA
#BizTrends2019: Top mobile trends for the 2019 consumer
Kalliebree Keynerd, head of social media at Joe Public Connect.
#BizTrends2019: Digital, data-driven biometrics
#BizTrends2019: Don't miss out on Google Shopping power because of poor feeds
Alan Knott-Craig
Global trendspotter, Marian Salzman.
#BizTrends2019: 4 Tech trends to watch for in 2019
#BizTrends2019: The future of learning in relation to disruptive innovations
Trends empowering intelligent transformation
Moving towards a synchronized society for the connected generation
#Apex2018: Are we human or are we brands?
#BizTrends2018: Prescriptive data in the digital space, the next big thing
#BizTrends2018: E-sports in South Africa - it's only just begun
Chrisna Basson, head of strategy at Weathermen & Co, Namibia.
Damian Michael
#BizTrends2018: Top mobile trends for the 2018 consumer
Vodafone announces global brand relaunch
#BizTrends2017: Top five mobile trends to help you plan for 2017
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