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Microsoft CMO on the transformation of digital marketing
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How e-mail marketing increases sales
Why it's time to reevaluate your customer communication, starting with email
Charles Murito, country manager of Google Kenya |
The art of anthropology and B2B communication
The e-mail and SMS marketing juggernaut
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How direct are you?
Quality multichannel customer communications win hearts and wallets
Empowering your client is key to a sustainable partnership
Why reputation is important when it comes to email marketing
Strategies used by popular brands to make email more personalised
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Misconceptions about marketing "in Africa"
The five faux pas of strategic planning
What should a modern marketing manager be able to do?
How to write a thrilling newsletter
Brand building vs ROI - what should your marketing agency focus on?
The anatomy of content marketing
We need to stop being suckers
Your database: A goldmine of repeat customers
Social media: Not just for IT and marketing departments
Image changes in Gmail to affect reporting results
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