Lessons from Zimbabwe's tobacco farmers for the COP26 climate change talks
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PepsiCo introduces initiative to drive sustainable transformation strategy
50+ NGOs call on COP26 to acknowledge climate impacts of animal agriculture
We throw away a third of the food we grow - here's what to do about waste
New Nespresso blend helps revive fragile coffee farming in the DRC
Senegalese plant circular gardens in Green Wall defence against desert
Côte d'Ivoire's Noël N'guessan wins 2021 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation
Uganda helps farmers grow trees for money in bid to reverse forest loss
Climate change threatens age-old indigenous food systems
Ghana's farmers aren't all seeing the fruits of a Green Revolution
How research, collaboration are contributing to food security in Africa
Feeding Africa from Africa: Smallholder farmers to leverage on AfCFTA
Deforestation is driven by global markets
Luxury fashion label Chanel invests $25m in new climate adaptation fund
Big irrigation projects in Africa have failed to deliver. What's needed next
New targets to protect biodiversity must include farmers and agriculture
Climate-friendly farming strategies can improve the land and generate income for farmers
Food Lover’s Market CEO Brian Coppin with TVMA founder Mmabatho Portia Morudi

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