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African nations mend and make do as China tightens Belt and Road
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Ivory Coast Abidjan commuters turn to boats to escape traffic jams
Electric cars alone won't save the planet. We'll need to design cities so people can walk and cycle safely
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To reach net zero, we must decarbonise shipping. But two big problems are getting in the way
Emirates calls on applicants to join cadet training programme
Reducing air travel by small amounts each year could level off the climate impact
Air cargo volumes soar by 34.6% for African carriers against 9.1% rise globally
African mobility fintech to drive affordable financing for Africa's trucking, logistics industry
Ethiopian textile industry at risk if US suspends trade deal over Tigray war
The supply chain crisis has a silver lining - container ships should be decarbonised faster
New real estate report: Industrial assets best performing across Africa
Sendbox raises $1.8m to digitise deliveries for African SMEs
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Ten ways to cut shipping's contribution to climate change - from a researcher
Uber celebrates Transport month, one city at a time
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Hope Consortium, Astral Aviation partner to enhance vaccine distribution in Africa
Demand for drivers has doubled, incentives now key - GlobalData
Moove launches in Cape Town, eyeing pan-African growth
Align your brand with cutting edge trends
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From PPE shortages to Covid-19 vaccine distribution, the supply chain has emerged as a determinant of health
Blocked airline funds could slow down recovery - IATA
Blocked airline funds could slow down recovery - IATA

The International Air Transport Association has urged governments to abide by international agreements and treaty obligations to enable airlines to repatriate close to nearly $1bn in blocked funds from the sale of tickets, cargo space, and other...

19 Aug 2021

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