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President Museveni urges investors to plant solar pumps for agriculture

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni has categorically highlighted the importance of solar-powered water pumps to drive the economy of the country. He has identified the dynamism of change not only in the agricultural sector but climate. Despite heads up on the coming of early rains, the showers of blessings have not been adequate to facilitate the growth of the crops in the country.
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He has, therefore, urged investors to come up with solar solutions for the prevailing predicament. Solar energy has been viewed as an integral energy resource by experts, sourcing its strength from the sun. It is an environmentally friendly means with great potential to steer the economic prowess of any country.

Uganda plans to increase the irrigation coverage as it plans to expand the agriculture sector. Other than waiting for the rain, irrigation ensures crops are supplied with water on a regular basis for their germination. Some lands have not been utilised and could be a great deal for farming practices.

The government is ready to work with the investors to help farmers access these facilities and services at minimal cost. President Museveni anticipates that the pumps will be used in the government irrigation schemes and extended to the farmers.

His approach to slice the financial budget for the sector came into question with analysts raising concerns over the backbone of the country's economy. More funds are required to finance development projects in the country and help the sector grow. It is yet to be seen if this approach would water down the lamentation for more funds.

Farmers have been urged to apply more fertilisers to bolster their harvests. They have expressed their willingness to use the fertilisers, but an inability to access them due to their high prices.

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