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Maggs adds veteran power to POWER 98.7's talk offering

Veteran TV and radio broadcaster Jeremy Maggs has joined Gauteng's commercial talk radio station POWER 98.7...
Maggs adds veteran power to POWER 98.7's talk offering

Maggs joins POWER 98.7 from Sunday, 5 October, and will host a media-focused talk show called POWER WEEK every Sunday from 10am to 12pm. POWER WEEK will cover and analyse news media, advertising, creative, online trends and developments while creating a platform for broader, robust discussions with its listeners.

POWER broadcasts from the JSE

Maggs' appointment reinforces POWER 98.7's position in the talk radio scene. The radio station also recently launched a fully-fledged broadcasting studio at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Maggs calls POWER 98.7 a station that continues to outdo itself, adding, "From day one it has punched above its weight, giving its counterparts a run for their money."

Maggs adds: "I have always loved its fresh approach to news and analysis; I enjoy the level of engagement it has with its listeners. I am looking forward to joining the station so that I too can participate in this media revolution and assist the station as it cements its place as the leading talk station in our country.''

POWER Newsroom lets listeners behind the scenes

POWER 98.7 Chairman Given Mkhari says Maggs is a welcome addition to the POWER family and says that attracting him to the station is part of the station's broader strategy to facilitate authentic conversations through credible voices like that of Jeremy Maggs.

POWER WEEK will be preceded by a new one-hour talk show from 9am to 10am called POWER Newsroom. The station's Head of News Denzil Taylor will host the show, and he will be accompanied by the station's full complement of reporters. The show will review stories covered by the station's newsroom, giving in-depth analysis of their field experiences while previewing the big stories of days to come. Through POWER Newsroom, POWER 98.7 wishes to bring its listeners the newsroom's behind-the-scenes experiences as well as insight into the process of news coverage.

Mkhari concluded: "We have developed a culture of challenging ourselves through continuous innovation. POWER Week and POWER Newsroom are new offerings in the lives of our listeners and should go a long way in meeting their quest for some talk services over the weekend."

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