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    Specialist cancer diagnosis and treatment centre opens in Lagos

    Nigeria's first 'one-stop centre' for cancer diagnosis and treatment, the Marcelle Ruth Cancer Centre and Specialist Hospital (MRCCSH) has opened on Victoria Island in Lagos.

    2 days ago

    Ghana's Covid-19 vaccine rollout is struggling to keep up with its great start

    Ghana became the first country globally to receive a vaccine shipment from the Covax facility...

    By Godfred Boafo 29 Apr 2021

    New malaria vaccine proves highly effective - and Covid shows how quickly it could be deployed

    Coronavirus vaccines have been developed and deployed in record time, but as global rollout has progressed, too few doses have been made available in low-income countries...

    By Adrian Hill 26 Apr 2021

    Zambia must find a way to balance the economy and public health in tax policy

    The burden of noncommunicable diseases is growing rapidly across sub-Saharan Africa. The conditions, which include obesity and diabetes, are now leading causes of premature deaths...

    By Mulenga Mary Mukanu 23 Apr 2021

    Scabies: the neglected tropical disease no one wants to talk about

    Some diseases are more likely to enter public conversation than others. Covid-19 has dominated the public discourse in 2020...

    By Michael Head 22 Apr 2021

    Kenya's Covid-19 vaccine rollout has got off to a slow start: the gaps, and how to fix them

    Kenya has started the first phase of its Covid-19 vaccination strategy. This was made possible by the delivery of just over one million AstraZeneca vaccines that arrived in two batches...

    By Catherine Kyobutungi 9 Apr 2021

    Social media users in Kenya and South Africa trust science, but still share Covid-19 hoaxes

    The Covid-19 pandemic has led to widespread disinformation circulating on social media globally. This includes false information about the virus, its origins and possible cures for the disease it causes...

    By Herman Wasserman & Dani Madrid-Morales 7 Apr 2021

    'Frugal design' brings medical innovations to communities that lack resources during the pandemic

    Dr Msandeni Chiume Kayuni found herself in the middle of a supply crisis as Covid-19 spread to Africa in April 2020...

    By Rebecca Richards-Kortum & Theresa Mkandawire 31 Mar 2021

    Interested in vaccine rollouts across Africa? Here's a map to guide you

    Most developed countries are in the advanced stages of Covid-19 vaccination rollouts. But a large number of developing countries, including most across Africa, are still at the early stages, mainly due to a shortage of shots...

    By Benjamin Kagina 18 Mar 2021

    Nigeria at sixes and sevens on Covid-19 vaccine rollout

    Nigeria has started to vaccinate people after receiving its first batch of Covid-19 vaccines. Virologist and senior research fellow Dr Solomon Bakarey provides some insights on how the country should go about the rollout plan...

    By Solomon Bakarey 15 Mar 2021

    The ins and outs of Kenya's Covid-19 vaccine rollout plan

    With the arrival of vaccines in the country, Kenya is set to begin its Covid-19 vaccination roll-out...

    By Catherine Kyobutungi 8 Mar 2021

    Made in Africa conference aims to drive Pan-African prosperity

    The inaugural Made in Africa Conference and Expo, a large virtual gathering and showcase for African buyers and sellers, will take place on 13 and 14 April...

    26 Feb 2021

    Morocco set to legalise cannabis production for medical use

    Morocco plans to allow the farming, export and domestic sale of cannabis for medical and industrial use, the government said on Thursday, 25 February...

    26 Feb 2021

    Ebola strikes West Africa again: key questions and lessons from the past

    News of a new outbreak of Ebola in Guinea is indeed distressing...

    By Mosoka Fallah 19 Feb 2021

    WHO alerts six African countries after Ebola outbreaks

    CONAKRY - The World Health Organisation (WHO) has asked six African countries to be alert for possible Ebola infections...

    By Saliou Samb 18 Feb 2021

    Ghanaians are eating more fast food: the who and the why

    Across Africa fast food restaurants have spread at a rapid rate, driven by rising income levels, rapid urbanisation and changing eating habits and lifestyles...

    By James Boafo 11 Feb 2021

    The role of bias in how women are treated during childbirth: a Kenyan case study

    Global maternal mortality is unacceptably high. Around 810 women die every day from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth...

    By Patience Afulani 28 Jan 2021

    Zuri Health launched to help provide affordable, accessible healthcare solutions

    Launched in February 2020, Play Zuri Health Limited is a mobile health service that delivers first level medical services to its users through their mobile devices via apps, WAP, and SMS...

    By Papama Nyati 19 Jan 2021

    #BizTrends2021: African demands for post-Covid healthcare align impact with investor opportunity in 2021

    The Covid-19 emergency has focused minds on the urgent need for improved healthcare across Africa, aligning unprecedented opportunity for positive social impact with competitive returns...

    By Jason Mitchell 11 Jan 2021

    The rise of commercial milk formulas and why it matters for the world's women and children

    Our recent study shows that global commercial milk formula sales are booming. Between 2005 and 2019, world milk formula sales more than doubled from 3.5kg to 7.4kg per child...

    By David McCoy, Julie P. Smith and Phillip Baker 5 Jan 2021

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