Simo Adams is the newest and feistiest member to the BizLounge. When not partying up a storm at the many events he attends he likes to enjoy a glass of red wine and work on his tap dancing.
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Win cool band merch with Simo

If you are as unlucky as me you will be back to the daily grind at the office this lovely Monday. But don't despair I have a cool competition that will put the sparkle back in your eyes and the spring into your step. And in the process you get to make friends with yours truly, a great honour indeed.

By Simo Adams 4 Jan 2010

Simo gets in to the synergy of things

Wow! What a way to get introduced to the BizLounge team - a road and camping trip to Synergy Live in Franschhoek - talk about getting thrust into the deep end. But I'm a professional partier and held my own up fairly well, if I do say so myself, maintaining much longer than most of my colleagues. And all the while trying to brave giant hooks on the dance floor seemingly specially designed to catch innocent Simos (ok, maybe not so innocent), countless kidnapping attempts, wobbly bare bottoms and some overly amorous ladies.

By Simo Adams 3 Dec 2009

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