Andrew McIlwaine is an account manager at Talk2Us, a strategic internal communication and employee engagement consultancy. He is currently completing his Masters degree in communication science through UNISA, for which he is conducting research and writing a dissertation entitled, "Towards Enterprise 2.0: Using an interactive online communication platform for internal communication." Email him at .
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The O-Factor: do your leaders have it?

Oprah Winfrey, often dubbed the Queen of Talk, is considered to be one of the most influential women in the world. Nishwa Ashraf, of Melcrum Publishing, has cleverly identified communicative traits that Oprah exudes, which have garnered her success as a leader and influencer on a grand scale.

By Andrew McIlwaine 7 Jun 2011

Do you understand your internal audience?

As internal communicators we repeatedly proclaim the strategic importance of our function in any company - and rightly so. And like the practitioners servicing external audiences (advertising, direct marketing, PR and so on), we develop effective communication strategies to prove just that - our strategic worth. But, like the ad and PR fraternity, do companies pay enough attention to understanding the audience that is vital to reach - the employees?

By Andrew McIlwaine 24 Mar 2011

Moving from platforms to people

A lot of discussion has surrounded the business imperative of internal communications, and how its strategic impact is what drives the attainment of business objectives, and ultimately keeps the CEO happy. The impact thereof lies in the longevity of internal communication initiatives, and their effect on the bottom line.

By Andrew McIlwaine 1 Mar 2011

Cross-functional communication on the inside

It stands to reason that strong internal communication generates an engaged, productive and loyal workforce. Looking at internal communication - or as we so aptly put it these days, employee engagement - there are a number of cross-functional communicative approaches at our disposal.

By Andrew McIlwaine 8 Nov 2010

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