19 Feb 2018Project management professional (PMP) exam preparation workshopPretoria
19 Feb 2018Digital marketing (email and social media) and brand online visibility courseNairobi
19 Feb 2018Using Joomla Content Management system (CMS) to Develop Custom and Dynamic Websites CourseNairobi
19 Feb 2018Effective Project Proposal and Report Writing CourseNairobi
19 Feb 2018GIS and Remote Sensing in Land Cover, Land Change Analysis CourseNairobi
19 Feb 2018GIS and Statistical Analysis for WASH Programmes CourseNairobi
19 Feb 2018Trauma Support and Counselling CourseNairobi
19 Feb 2018Contingency Planning CourseNairobi
19 Feb 2018IFRS recap and updateJohannesburg
22 Feb 2018Employee Health and Wellness SeminarJohannesburg
22 Feb 2018Press release and media writingCountrywide
22 Feb 2018Copywriting for print, digital media and the webCountrywide
23 Feb 2018Conservation of Architectural Heritage – 2nd EditionLuxor & Aswan
23 Feb 2018Writing articles for websites and blogsCountrywide
23 Feb 2018The basics of creative writingCountrywide
23 Feb 2018An introduction to poetryCountrywide
23 Feb 2018Writing for video gamesCountrywide
26 Feb 2018Short course on project management principles and practices in organisationsPretoria
26 Feb 2018Procurement and Supply Chain Management CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Establishing and strengthening farmer organizations CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Horticultural Production and Marketing CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Promoting Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Development CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Knowledge Management CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Crisis Preparation and Management CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Microsoft Excel for Health Care ProfessionalsNairobi
26 Feb 2018Web-based GIS and Mapping CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Mobile Phone Based Data Collection Using ODK CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018GIS in Energy CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Basic Skills in JavaScript/CSS/HTML CourseNairobi
26 Feb 2018Copy-editing and proofreadingCountrywide
26 Feb 2018Creative writing coursesCountrywide
26 Feb 2018Write a novel courseCountrywide
26 Feb 2018Grammar for writers - English first languageCountrywide
26 Feb 2018Business writing skills courseCountrywide
26 Feb 2018Magazine journalism courseCountrywide
26 Feb 2018Key Steps to Harness the Potential of EQ in BusinessJohannesburg
27 Feb 2018Writing web pagesCountrywide
27 Feb 2018Coaching the writer withinCountrywide
27 Feb 2018Basics of feature writingCountrywide
27 Feb 2018SA Writers College writing courses for 2017/18Nationwide
27 Feb 2018Die tydskrifjoernalistieke kursusCountrywide
27 Feb 2018Grammar skills for beginnersCountrywide
27 Feb 2018Personal writing coach courseCountrywide
28 Feb 2018Writing for social mediaCountrywide
28 Feb 2018Write better newslettersCountrywide
1 Mar 2018Negotiation skills masterclassJohannesburg
1 Mar 2018Write your memoirCountrywide
1 Mar 2018Write a novel courseCountrywide
1 Mar 2018Press release and media writingCountrywide
1 Mar 2018Copywriting for print, digital media and the webCountrywide
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